Travel Forms, Necessary Approvals, and Responsibilities

Approval of documentation is required at different levels and stages depending on the type of travel and needs of the traveler:

1. Before Travel Takes Place:

A supervisor should first approve an employee's travel plan and funding source before travel takes place. Although at times optional to the Travel Services Department, the use of a Travel Authorization and Estimated Expense Form establishes travel plans and funding sources in writing. Depending on the circumstances, and agreement between the campus program area and the Travel Services Department, this form can also be used to establish encumbrances. The form is important for establishing agreements if more than one office is providing funding for the travel. Even if the form is not used to encumber funds, a properly-authorized Travel Authorization and Estimated Expense Form establishes a commitment among the traveler, the supervisor(s), and the Travel Services Department. 

If the traveler wishes to have a portion of the estimated travel expenses advanced before the travel takes place, a Travel Advance Form must be completed, approved, and delivered to the Travel Services Department at least two weeks before the travel occurs. Please see Travel Advance Link for further details.

If the traveler is in need of lodging within New York State, a Tax Exemption Certificate must be provided to the hotel. New York State tax is not reimbursable.

2. After Travel Takes Place:

After travel takes place, a NYS Travel Voucher Form must be completed and approved. If a personal vehicle was used during a trip and the traveler is requesting mileage reimbursement, a NYS Statement of Automobile Travel Form must accompany the NYS Travel Voucher.

Certain responsibilities are given to the traveler, the supervisor, and the Travel Services Department when an employee engages in necessary and official college travel. These responsibilities can seem complex, but should not be overlooked. Please see the detailed descriptions of these responsibilities for the traveler, the supervisor, and the Travel Services Department.