Travel Services Department’s Responsibility

Once travel approval is completed, travel can commence with the supervisor’s authorization. The Office of the State Comptroller grants responsibility to administrative areas (Travel Services Department) to ensure that:

1.       All authorized travel is in the best interest of the State.
2.       All charges are actual, reasonable, and necessary.
3.       All expenses comply with travel rules and regulations.
The most economical method of travel is taken.
5.       Proper documentation of travel is completed.

Please be aware that the Travel Services Department's responsibilities often commence after the travel has been completed. In order for travelers to be fully reimbursed for travel expenses, it is of utmost importance that all expenses are incurred within the context outlined in this website. If a travel expense is in question, please contact our office at (716) 878-4117 before the travel commences.

Also please note that it would be common for a member of the Travel Services Department staff to contact the traveler for additional documentation. Please assist us in a timely manner so that we may reimburse the travel expenses in the most efficient manner possible.

Be aware that the campus travel plan, including each instance of travel, is subject to audit by SUNY, the Office of the State Comptroller, and the IRS. The Travel Services Department is responsible for keeping proper documentation for any travel-related expense readily available to auditors.