Lodging and/or Meals Provided by Alternative Work Location

It is very common for lodging and/or meals to be provided by the alternative work location, without charge to the traveler. If these provisions are offered, the traveler is expected to take advantage of them. The traveler should not seek reimbursement in these instances. If either lodging or meals are provided without the other, the item not provided will be reimbursed to the traveler by the use of Method 1 or Method 2 reimbursement, as long as the expenses are within the campus's Travel Policy. 


  1. If lodging and meals are provided in a registration fee, the traveler should not claim reimbursement for either item. It is assumed that these costs are part of the overall registration fee.
  2. If dinner is provided in a conference fee, then the dinner per diem or allowance should not be claimed.
  3. If breakfast is supplied by the hotel in which the traveler is staying, then cost is assumed to be included in the cost of the hotel. Breakfast will not be reimbursed.
  4. If breakfast or dinner is supplied at a conference, the cost is assumed to be included in the cost of the conference. Per diem rates or allowances will be adjusted accordingly.
  5. If lunch is provided as part of a conference and the traveler is in Overnight Status, full meal per diem rates for the traveler would be applied since SUNY policy does not include or reimburse lunch in the per diem rates.