Method 1: Unreceipted Method
his method requires no receipts, but in general reimburses less than Method 2. Method 1 is often used when a hotel is not needed. 

Method 1 provides a flat rate allowance for meals, lodging, and incidental expenses regardless of what type of lodging is obtained. (This includes lodging with relatives or friends.)

Rates are established based on the city or county where the lodging is obtained or the location where the employee has official campus business (whichever rate is less). The location must be identified on the travel voucher. No receipts are required when using this method. Current rates can be found on the OSC Website.

Travelers using this method are eligible to receive an additional breakfast on the departure date if they have to depart before 7:00 AM. They are also eligible for an additional dinner on the day of return if they return after 7:00 PM. Current rates can be found on the OSC Website.