Day Trip Reimbursement

Based upon departure and return times, the traveler may be reimbursed for breakfast and dinner. Lunches are not reimbursable. If the traveler must leave before 7:00 a.m., he/she is entitled to breakfast reimbursement. If the traveler returns after 7:00 p.m., he/she is entitled to dinner reimbursement.

If the traveler uses an unreceipted method for the day trip, then reimbursement amounts will be based upon OSC’s unreceipted meal allowances for day trips -- which is currently $5 for breakfast and $12 for dinner.

The traveler could use the receipted method for the day trip, in which the traveler is reimbursed up to the per diem allowance specified for the particular area of travel.

In either case, the reimbursement will be considered taxable reimbursement by the IRS. The reimbursement will be reported on the employee’s W-2 form.