Method 2: Receipted Method
This method requires specific receipts. It is the more common method used.

In order to claim Method 2 travel reimbursement, specific documentation in option 1 or option 2 must be provided.

This includes:

Option 1.

An original, itemized hotel receipt in the employee's name.
The hotel receipt will need to show check-in date, check-out date, name registered, room rate, taxes, other charges and amount paid.


Option 2, Item 1 and Item 2:

Item 1. Documentation showing proof of travel.
This documentation could include:

  •  All boarding passes.
  • Proof of attendance given by conference, etc.
  • Receipt from hotel. Even if a hotel is booked and paid through a third party, the actual hotel may still provide a receipt showing the name of the employee, check-in and check-out time.


Item 2.  A third party online hotel receipt in the employee's name.
The receipt should show the check-
in date, the check-out date, the breakdown of rates and taxes, and the amount paid by the employee.

It is extremely difficult to book a hotel through a third party online source
and use the campus's tax-exempt status. Please note that New York State tax will not be reimbursed. If the hotel is booked within New York State and the receipt does not indicate the breakdown of the rate and the taxes paid, New York State tax will be assumed to have been paid and will be backed out of the total

It is also difficult to book with a third-party online source when sharing a room with another employee, when both are seeking Method 2 reimbursement.


Substitute Item 2. 
A copy of a registration which shows that lodging is included in the cost of registration.   

This method provides reimbursement of actual lodging costs up to the allowed per diem rates as well as an allowance for meals (receipts not necessary) based upon Federal Reimbursement Rates for the location.

Maximum lodging rates exclude taxes. When lodging takes place within New York State a Tax Exemption Certificate must be provided to the hotel (you may also need your Government ID). New York State tax is not reimbursable. If the lodging is outside of NewYork State, state and local taxes are reimbursable and are not included in the lodging per diem rates.

Travelers using this method are eligible for an additional per diem for breakfast if they have to depart before 7:00 AM and dinner if they have to return at after 7:00 PM. Meal allowance rates are base upon 20 percent for breakfast and 80 percent for dinner of the full allowance pertaining to the traveler's destination in these cases.

If you share a room with another employee, one-half of the double room charge may be claimed by each person.  Separate itemized receipts should be requested of the hotel in order for each traveler to claim per diem rates for meals.

You are allowed lodging and meals for weekends when it is necessary for you to be in travel status.

Exceptions to Method 2 Policy: