Transportation and Cost Efficiency 

It is the traveler’s obligation to use the most cost-efficient method of transportation available.

If a more expensive method of travel is planned, the traveler is required to obtain approval from a campus Vice President and the Travel Services Department in advance of the travel.  Justification must be submitted with your Travel Voucher.   Personal preferences are not an acceptable reason to not use the most cost efficient means of travel. It is advisable to check with your VP and the Travel Services Department before travel commences if the most economical means of travel is not taken.  

When a more expensive method is chosen without sufficient justification, the Travel Services Department will only reimburse up to the least expensive rate of travel. The Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) directs that the final decision about reimbursements in these instances should be made by the Travel Services Department.

Use of a common carrier typically results in the most economical method of transportation.