Booking Travel through the Business Travel Account (BTA)

Using the Business Travel Account (BTA) is a very convenient way for the traveler to make air and train transportation arrangements. The campus encourages the use of the BTA, as this service is contracted with New York State. Comparative agent booking research documentation is not necessary when utilizing the BTA.

Travel arrangements using the BTA must be made by a campus employee, and the traveler must be one of these:

  1. A campus employee traveling on official business with supervisory approval for the full cost of the ticket payable from a state purpose account.
  2. An official visitor to the campus with proper authorization from a campus official to use state purpose funding (for example, an individual who is a candidate for a campus position).
  3. A non-employee on official campus business who has proper authorization from a campus official to use state purpose funding.  

Funding from the SUNY Research Foundation or Buffalo State College Foundation may be used if funding sources are discussed and identified as separate, directly with the BTA.

In order to use the BTA, follow these steps:

  1. Call Albany Travel at 800-774-0655 and identify yourself as an employee of Buffalo State on Elmwood Avenue.
  2. Campus employees booking reservations themselves must make payments to BTA individually and then seek reimbursement after travel is completed. Or, if they qualify, employees may obtain individual State Travel Cards. If you are interested in this program please contact the interum campus Travel Card Administrator.
  3. Campus employees booking reservations for non-employees through the BTA will need to process BTA payments through the non-employee and then seek reimbursement after travel is completed. As an alternative, some campus employees may qualify to obtain a non-employee-travel (NET) card to process non-employee travel transactions. If you are interested in the NET card program, please contact the interum campus NET Card Administrator.

Most tickets are now issued as electronic e-tickets.  Albany Travel will normally fax or e-mail you a copy of your itinerary and receipt.  If a paper ticket is required, the ticket will be delivered to the Travel Services Department.  Please arrange a delivery date with Albany Travel and pick up the ticket in the Travel Services Office, Cleveland Hall 414. 

Remember to keep your original ticket receipt and attach it to your Travel Voucher for the trip.  If the campus paid for the ticket, you should not list the cost of the ticket as an expense on your voucher.  Simply state in the transportation expense space, "Ticket paid by the campus; receipt attached."

If your travel plans change at the direction of Buffalo State, please call Albany Travel and make the necessary changes.  Please also notify the Travel Services Department of the revised arrangements.