Miscellaneous Expenses

Travelers frequently incur miscellaneous expenses during their travel. In all cases, in order to be considered reimbursable, these expenses must be reasonable, actual, and necessary. To be reimbursed, original documented proof of payment of the miscellaneous expenses must accompany the travel voucher.

Examples of reimbursable items are:

  1. Business-related telephone calls
  2. Internet connection fees
  3. Baggage transfer and storage
  4. Parking (Please check in advance to see if parking charges would exceed taxi or shuttle charges.)
  5. Taxi or shuttle charges

Examples of non-reimbursable items:

  1. Parking tickets
  2. Laundry service
  3. Valet service
  4. Seat upgrades
  5. New York State taxes
  6. Personal charges
  7. Fees associated with flight or train changes for personal reasons
  8. Personal travel VISAs and passports