Travel Advance

If the amount of out-of-pocket expenses required for a trip would present a financial hardship for the traveling employee, an Application for a Travel Cash Advance Form should be completed and forwarded with a completed Travel Authorization and Estimated Expense Form. Both of these completed forms are required in order to request a travel advance.

Travel advances may only be given to campus employees. In order to request an advance, employees are required to be in travel status and have a minimum of one overnight stay. Items that cannot be advanced include: airfare, train, rental cars, registration fees, and lodging. Normal out-of-pocket items eligible to receive advances include: meals, tolls, estimated taxi fees, and parking.

Individuals receiving advances are responsible for picking up their advance checks at the Travel Services Department (Cleveland Hall 414) before departure. Unfortunately due to the volume of transactions our department processes, we cannot provide courtesy telephone calls.

When the total amount to be reimbursed to the traveler is different from the amount of the advance, one of two situations will arise: 

Overpayment of Advance:
If actual expenses from the travel are less than the travel advance, the traveler is responsible for repayment, in check or money order form, made payable to Advance Account, in the amount of the excess advance. A
Travel Voucher should be processed within ten days after return from the trip. If an advance repayment check is returned by the bank because of insufficient funds, the traveler will be required to submit payment in the form of a money order or certified check. Personal checks will NOT be accepted as a form of payment for a returned check.

Underpayment of Advance:
If the amount due to the traveler for reimbursement exceeds the amount of the advance, the traveler will be reimbursed for the difference. Timely and accurate submittal of the
Travel Voucher upon return from the trip will help ensure efficient processing of the reimbursement.