Mixing of Personal and Business Travel

The Travel Services Department commonly sees three types (and combinations) of mixed personal travel which include:

  1. An employee engaged in business travel with friends or family who reside near the business destination.
    In a case like this, it is important to note that the employee can choose to either stay with the friend (would claim
    Method 1) or in a hotel (would probably claim Method 2). However, Buffalo State is only responsible for reimbursing travel as if the business destination is the only destination. Any transportation costs above that cannot be reimbursed.
  2. An employee extends the required business travel time for personal reasons such as sightseeing or personal visits.
    In this case, the employee is only entitled to a reasonable amount of time to conclude the business-related purpose of the trip. Any stay before or beyond that time cannot be reimbursed to the employee.
  3. An employee on official business is accompanied by other individuals, such as family members, who are not on official business of Buffalo State.
    If an individual not on official college business accompanies an employee who is on official business, it is extremely important not to put any reimbursable items in the non-employee's name. Individuals not on official business should not book or pay for any expenses for which the employee on official business shall request reimbursement. (For example, a spouse not on official business should not book or pay for a hotel room in his/her name.)

    The employee's reimbursable expenses should be kept completely separate from the non-employee's expenses. Reimbursement can only take place in the employee's name. In no case should any item be reimbursed to the individual not on official college business.