Travel with other Buffalo State Employees

At times, more than one New York State employee may travel to the same destination during the same time intervals. If you travel with a fellow employee, please be aware that:

  1. If two or more state employees are sharing a hotel room and claiming Method 2, it is imperative that the hotel be notified that the itemized hotel bill be split between the occupants and paid for separately. Most hotels can arrange this if the room is booked directly.

    It is very difficult for a room booked through a third party to comply with this request. However, in these instances, the hotel should still be able to provide the second state employee with a zero balance bill which shows name, check-in and check-out times (
    proof of travel documentation).

  2. Air or train travel should be booked and paid for separately. Employees should book, and pay for their own air or train fare, and be reimbursed separately if they are not using the BTA.

  3. Mileage can only be claimed by one employee even if more than one employee is traveling within the same personal car.

  4. Car rental purchase orders and payments may be split between departments if needed.