Become a Member!


Confirm You Are a Member

Please check your paycheck and take the time to fill out a membership card.  There is no additional cost to you:  the agency fee you currently pay is the same amount as union dues.  The next couple of years for all of us could be rough -- the more members we have, the stronger we are.  Please take the time to fill out a card today.


Member Versus Agency Fee Payer 

In order to be a member of the union, your paycheck must say "UUP Member."  If it says "UUP Agency Fee," you are not a member of the union.  This should appear in the after tax deductions section on the check (see photo below).



UUP membership entitles you to:

  • Vote on Collective Bargaining agreement.
  • Elect Union leaders on your campus and choose your representatives at the state and national levels.
  • Hold Union office.
  • Attend Union meetings.

How to Join

Complete the membership card at the link below: 
Return it to C. Jean Yarwood, UUP Chapter Office, Classroom A104 for us to mail in.


Questions or Concerns, Please Contact Us!

For Academics: Rick Stempniak--President stempnr@buffalostate.edu  982-9667
For Professionals: Deborah Jones--Vice President for Professionals  jonesd@buffalostate.edu 878-5713