The Collection

Our collection of over 100,000 slides is currently undergoing some changes:

 -slides are being assigned individual accession numbers which will be used for basic identification purposes and for future digitization projects

 - guided by the suggestions and needs of faculty concerned, individual drawers will be reorganized to facilitate more efficient searching

Borrowing Slides

-faculty loan period is 10-14 days (but please return all slides as soon as possible)

 -when taking out slides, borrower must place their assigned color drop card in the slide space within the drawer so that we can keep track of what slides are missing and what slides are available

Returning Slides

-slides should be returned to each faculty member’s individual slide return drawer

 -returned slides will be counted and numbers will be compared with quantity of colored faculty drop cards found in the collection (to ensure the drop card method of circulation is running smoothly)

Requesting Slides

-faculty member must fill out a slide order form; forms can be found on this site and can be printed.  Additionally, paper copies of the form are located inside the slide library

-faculty member must provide all source material from which the image(s) can be photographed

-faculty member is responsible for checking library books in and out of the library

-relevant pages from the source material should be bookmarked (ie: post-it notes) and figure or plate number must be recorded on the slide order form

-a minimum of 14 days notice is recommended for slide production requests, however it is possible that “emergency” last-minute requests may be negotiated