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Chart & Update: Jan 11th, 2010

Hey everybody,

Hows your break been? I'm still trying to get half the things on my list done while I still have time off school, lol. I wish there was a taco stand outside WBNY that sold energy drinks, I would so go there every day, lol. Well anyways, I was doing the sound board for Letterset, Sunday Radio, and Vicky & Jordan's acoustic showcase at the Guerilla Gallery on Sunday. Such a fantastic show, and it was the most packed I have ever seen that place! lol. Props to the bands for putting on great performances! If you haven't checked out Letterset's 'The Sequel B-Sides EP' you really gotta, such awesome guys! I also was pushed into playing League Of Legends for the first time this week (oh dear, lol). It's a fun game, anyone out there wanna team up sometime? I'm level 3! XP
In other news, I updated the WBNY Local Show website with a layout facelift, lol. Feel free to check it out at: www.wbnylocalshow.com
And I have a bit of a welcome-back present for you promoters!
RPM & Hip-Hop Tracking Documents! (like the ones I have going for our 'Rotation' and Top 200 charting)

RPM Tracking: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0ArO2WjMTChcvdDNLdjFUWWVQdS1oUmNsQ2dYeHBveGc&hl=en
Hip-Hop Tracking: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0ArO2WjMTChcvdHRTYzRoYndmZ2pRNGNDeFVVNGRKWXc&hl=en
RPM History: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0ArO2WjMTChcvdFp3dm9wanBtalBDZk9qYVl3QWJOT3c&hl=en
Hip-Hop History: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0ArO2WjMTChcvdE5pSDRsZ09RYTBnTmZNN29halZaRmc&hl=en

Links will be on the WBNY Website probably within the week :)
Would anyone like if I did this for World as well? We should be charting that normally within the next couple weeks as we've gotten quite a bit more in! Yay!!!!

*also important announcement to promoters, my office hours will be changing in a couple weeks when school starts up!
Starting Jan 25th, my office hours will be Tuesdays & Thursdays from 12:15pm-1:30pm & 3pm-4:30pm!*
(I'll include this info in my next couple updates as well, lol)

But I have to say my favorite announcement to bring you is that,

The weekly giveaway for the week is getting us back into the swing of things with:

Free Pairs of Tickets to see:
Chris Trapper (of the Push Stars)
with special guest: Kristin Cifelli
Friday Jan 14th, doors at 7pm, in the Ninth Ward at Babeville
341 Deleware Avenue, Buffalo, NY
(Thanks to: Righteous Babe Records)

We are also giving away the following Vinyls:
Dntel - After Parties (part 1 & 2)
(Thanks to Sub Pop)
Professor Lacroix - I Want My Eight Years Back
(Thanks to TBM Records)

And we’ve got a bunch of:
‘Billy Draws Two - The New Black’ CD’s as well for everyone that participates!
(thanks to Fusebomb Records)

Just shoot an e-mail over to wbnysweepstakes@gmail.com or give our office a call anytime at 716-878-3080 for your chance to win one of the prizes! Include your name, contact e-mail/phone number, and a band you started listening to in 2010 (also feel free to include which prize(s) you’d prefer to win if applicable)!

Winners will be randomly selected and notified through e-mail/phone by January 14th :)

Ticket Prizes can be claimed at the doors of the show, while
Other Prizes will be available for pick-up at the WBNY Studio!

(And keep checking back, upcoming prizes include tickets to Eddie Cain Irvin, It's A Firefight, Donora, & 30 Seconds To Mars!)

And keep your butts tuned in!

Upcoming Interviews:
1/21 @ 1pm Eddie Cain Irvin, 2pm The O.P. MusicHouse
1/28 @ 1:00 It’s A Firefight!, 2:00 Pierce The Veil
2/03 @ 6pm Donora

Chart time!!!

WBNY top tracks by airplay - January 11th, 2011
Artist(s) - Song Title (Chart History)

1. Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On (last week #9, 2nd week on chart)
2. Dirty Mittens - Row (highest debut)
3. Cut/Copy - Take Me Over (debut)
4. The Ting Tings - Hands (LW #2, 2nd wk)
5. Nicholas William - The Key (LW #5, 2nd wk)
6. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - 2000 Miles (after 3 wks at #1, 5th wk)
7. Letterset - Deleted Scenes (debut)
8. Graffiti Thrill - Fever (debut)
9. Eastern Conference Champions - Silo (debut)
10. Iron & Wine - Walking Far From Home (LW #15, 2nd wk)
11. The Bunny The Bear - Kids (debut)
12. Audio-ology - Pretty Girls (LW #11, 4th wk)
13. Royksopp - Tricky Two (LW #18, 3rd wk)
14. White Lies - Bigger Than Us (re-entry, 2nd wk)
15. Daft Punk - Derezzed (LW #3, 8th wk)
16. Royksopp - The Drug (debut)
17. i.am.angelo - Silhouette (LW #19, 2nd wk)
18. Dotsun Moon - Flutter (debut)
19. Bruce Springsteen - Racing In the Street (re-entry, 4th wk)
20. Eddie Cain Irvin - Joyfully (LW #10, 2nd wk)
21. Gangrene - Boss S**t (LW #16, 2nd wk)
22. The Damned Things - Handbook For the Recently Deceased (LW #6, 4th wk)
23. The Heligoats - Turn Down the Offer (re-entry, 2nd wk)
24. Cage the Elephant - Shake Me Down (LW #13, 5th wk)
25. Cee-Lo Green - Wildflower (re-entry, 2nd wk)

WBNY top CD's by airplay - January 11th, 2011
Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label) (Chart History) "Top Tracks"

1. Daft Punk - Tron Legacy [soundtrack] (Distiller/Walt Disney) (3rd week at #1, 3rd week on chart) "Derezzed", "TRON Legacy"
2. Idlewild - Post Electric Blues (Syndicate) (last week #43, 2nd week on chart) "Younger Than America", "Readers & Writers"
3. Royksopp - Senior (Planetary/MB3) (LW #20, 4th wk) "Tricky Two", "The Drug"
4. I.Am.Angelo - I.Am.Angelo [EP] (Incite A Riot/WBNY) (LW #7, 3rd wk) "Silhouette", "Follow Me"
5. Bruce Springsteen - The Promise (Columbia) (LW #10, 7th wk) "Racing In the Street", "Fire"
6. Eddie Cain Irvin - Eight Minutes Before Dawn Breaks (Incite A Riot/WBNY) (LW #8, 2nd wk) "Sailing On Serenity", "Right Time, Wrong Place"
7. Dirty Mittens - Row 7" (Distiller) (new) "Row", "Darling Violetta"
8. The Naked & Famous - Passive Me Aggressive You (Syndicate) (LW #17, 6th wk) "Girls Like You", "The Sun"
9. Crushed Stars - Convalescing In Braille (Fanatic/Simulacra) (LW #34, 3rd wk) "Fall", "Spark"
10. Eastern Conference Champions - Akustiks EP (Planetary) (re-entry, 2nd wk) "Silo", "Middle Of the Night"
11. Betty Moon - Rollin' Revolution (Goldbery & Cage) (LW #4, 3rd wk) "My Stupid Dream", "Drink Your Fears Away"
12. Letterset - The Sequel B-Sides EP (Incite A Riot/WBNY/JACT) (LW #6, 2nd wk) "Deleted Scenes", "Voices"
13. Freebass - It's A Beautiful Life (Team Clermont/24 Hour Service) (LW #3, 5th wk) "Lady Violence", "You Don't Know This About Me"
14. The Damned Things - Ironiclast (Syndicate) (LW #9, 3rd wk) "Little Darling", "Bad Blood"
15. Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On [single] (Pirate!) (new)
16. Birth Of A Catastrophe - Short Stories EP (WBNY) (re-entry, 3rd wk) "Epic", "At What Cost"
17. Nightmares For A Week - Don't Die (AAM/Academy Fight Song) (LW #35, 3rd wk) "Our Vessel", "Veins"
18. The Viva Noir - Sampler (WBNY) (LW #24, 2nd wk) "Magazines Not Books", (track 2)
19. The Breathing Tree - Let Love Grow (Incite A Riot/WBNY) (LW #11, 8th wk) "Chestnut", "Closest Thing"
20. Audio-ology - Loud and Clear EP (Syndicate/Eklektic) (re-entry, 2nd wk) "Pretty Girls", "Don't Walk Away"
21. Jimmy McMillan - The Rent Is Too Damn High Vol. 1 (TAYF) (re-entry, 2nd wk) "Come To The Door", "My Place"
22. Effective Resolution - ...just to let you know... (WBNY) (LW #45, 4th wk) "Fell So Far", "Feel the Change"
23. Gangrene - Gutter Water (Co-Sign/Decon) (re-entry, 2nd wk) "Get Into Some Gangsta S**t", "Brass Knuckle Rap"
24. TechNoddo - Don't Forget The Glowsticks! (WBNY) (new) "Disco Lucy Disco", "Celestial Grooves"
25. The Whisperlights - Wake Up Dead EP (Have Not) (new) "Meowing", "Guillotine"
26. Hellogoodbye - Would It Kill You? (Planetary/Rocket Science) (LW #14, 9th wk) "You Sleep Alone", "Getting Old"
27. Soft Circle - Shore Obsessed (AAM/Post Present Medium) (re-entry, 3rd wk) "Not Another Follower", "Treading Water"
28. Pentimento - Demo 2010 (WBNY) (new) "Words With Friends", "Everything's Eventual"
29. Love In Stockholm - A King's Ransom (Tinderbox) (new) "Other Man", "The Buzzard"
30. Such Gold - Pedestals (AAM/WBNY/6131) (re-entry, 2nd wk) "Sycamore", "The Brass Tax"
31. Various - The Christmas Gig (Pirate!/Target) (LW #19, 2nd wk) "10,000 Watts", "Tiny Tree Christmas"
32. Go Radio - Do Overs And Second Chances (Fearless) (new) "Letters and Love Notes", "When Dreaming Gets Drastic"
33. Graffiti Thrill - Graffiti Thrill (Self) (new) "Fever", "Sarah"
34. Memphis May Fire - Between The Lies (BulletTooth) (LW #21, 2nd wk) "Deuces Las Cruces", "ActionAdventure"
35. Jamaica - Cross The Fader (Pirate!/Cooperative) (re-entry, 4th wk) "Short and Entertaining", "When Do You Wanna Stop Working"
36. Die Antwoord - $0$ (AAM/Interscope) (re-entry, 5th wk) "In Your Face", "Rich Bitch"
37. Martina Topley Bird - Some Place Simple (AAM/Ipecac) (re-entry, 3rd wk) "Baby Blue", "Poison"
38. Cee Lo Green - The Lady Killer (Syndicate/Elektra) (LW #16, 5th wk) "Wildflower", "F**k You"
39. Orange Juice - Coals To Newcastle (AAM/Domino) (new) "Blue Boy", "Felicity"
40. The Great American Beast - Domestic Blood (BulletTooth) (new) "Outtatwee", "There's No Crying In Baseball"
41. Winbourne - As We Are (Tinderbox) (new) "What Were You Thinking", "Easy"
42. The Etchings - Sketchings (WBNY) (LW #61, 3rd wk) "Something In the Air", "Hibernate"
43. Surfer Blood - Astro Coast (Kanine) (re-entry, 3rd wk) "Catholic Pagans", "Floating Vibes"
44. John Gillette - All Bad (Mia Mind/Megastar) (LW #62, 3rd wk) "All Bad", "All I Want"
45. Deluka - You Are The Night (Syndicate/Vel) (new) "Cascade", "Come Back To Me"
46. Faith and Mark - Scientific Facts (Self) (new) "Pictures and Words", "Dear Uncle"
47. Cut/Copy - Take Me Over [single] (Terrorbird) (new)
48. Iron & Wine - Walking Far From Home Vinyl [sampler] (AAM) (new) "Walking Far From Home", "Biting Your Tail"
49. Commerce - The Things I Say Vs. The Things I Mean (Pirate!) (LW #30, 5th wk) "It Was Certain To Happen", "About A Month Ago"
50. For All Those Sleeping - Cross Your Fingers (Fearless) (LW #27, 4th wk) "I'm Not Dead Yet", "Janice It Ain't Funny"
John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Double Fantasy Stripped Down (Capitol) (LW #15, 6th wk) "Hard Times Are Over", "I'm Losing You"
Dameria - Quiet Mouth Loud Hands (WBNY) (re-entry, 6th wk) "Nailbiter", "Quiet Mouth Loud Hands"
The Long Cold Dark - The Long Cold Dark (WBNY) (LW #28, 9th wk) "God Save the Queen City", "The Phoenix"
Glass Hero - You(Me) (WBNY) (LW #5, 2nd wk) "How Will I Know", "Move"
Underoath - Disambiguation (Tooth & Nail) (re-entry, 2nd wk) "In Division", "Who Will Guard the Guardians"
The Ting Tings - Hands [single] (Syndicate) (LW #58, 2nd wk)
Transportation - Amusement Parks (Odessa) (new) "The Yard", "I Will Be What I Want"
Stereolab - Not Music (Drag City) (LW #18, 4th wk) "Supah Jalanto", "Everybody's Weird Except Me"
Freelance Whales - Weathervanes (Tell All Your Friends) (LW #33, 4th wk) "Generator 2nd Floor", "Hannah"
Steve Ouimette - Epic (Sumthing Else) (re-entry, 3rd wk) "The Devil Went Down To Georgia", "Mr. Bones"
Jesse Payne - Nesting (Team Clermont/Capture Music) (re-entry, 3rd wk) "Heavy Cotton Hands", "Scripting Carolina"
John Patrick O'Keefe - Joy To The World (WBNY) (new) "I Believe in Father Christmas", "Christmastime In Buffalo"
Mista Perez - Sessions EP (WBNY) (re-entry, 2nd wk) "Steady On the Case", "Ain't No One Next"
Beta State - Stars (Tinderbox) (LW #52, 2nd wk) "Right Here With You", "Take Back Your Confidence"

Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label)

1. Daft Punk - Tron Legacy [soundtrack] (Distiller/Walt Disney)
2. Royksopp - Senior (Planetary/MB3)
3. I.Am.Angelo - I.Am.Angelo [EP] (Incite A Riot/WBNY)
4. The Naked & Famous - Passive Me Aggressive You (Syndicate)
5. Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On [single] (Pirate!)
6. Jimmy McMillan - The Rent Is Too Damn High Vol. 1 (TAYF)
7. TechNoddo - Don't Forget The Glowsticks! (WBNY)
8. Die Antwoord - $0$ (AAM/Interscope)
9. John Gillette - All Bad (Mia Mind/Megastar)
10. Deluka - You Are The Night (Syndicate/Vel)
Faith and Mark - Scientific Facts (Self)
Cut/Copy - Take Me Over [single] (Terrorbird)
Stereolab - Not Music (Drag City)
Mista Perez - Sessions EP (WBNY)
Audio Bullys - Higher Than The Effiel (Lift/The End)
Dubs - Skipping Stones (WBNY)

Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label)

1. Bruce Springsteen - The Promise (Columbia)
2. Eddie Cain Irvin - Eight Minutes Before Dawn Breaks (Incite A Riot/WBNY)
3. John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Double Fantasy Stripped Down (Capitol)
4. John Patrick O'Keefe - Joy To The World (WBNY)
5. Norah Jones - ...Featuring (EMI/Blue Tone)
6. Nicholas William - The Key [single] (Incite A Riot/WBNY)
7. Elvis Costello - National Ransom (Distiller/Hear)
8. Niki Becker - Good (Tinderbox)
9. Whitey Morgan & The 78's - Whitey Morgan & The 78's (Bloodshot)
10. Sharon Van Etten - I'm Giving Up On You (Polyvinyl)
Julie The Band - Wild As The Sky EP (Planetary/Baby Bird)
PO BOYZ - Country Funk (Powderfinger/Positive)
Pink Martini - Joy To The World (AAM/Heinz)
John Schmitt - Ophelia (WBNY)

Hip Hop
Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label)

1. Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On [single] (Pirate!)
2. Audio-ology - Loud and Clear EP (Syndicate/Eklektic)
3. Effective Resolution - ...just to let you know... (WBNY)
4. Gangrene - Gutter Water (Co-Sign/Decon)
5. Die Antwoord - $0$ (AAM/Interscope)
6. John Gillette - All Bad (Mia Mind/Megastar)
7. Dubs - Skipping Stones (WBNY)
8. N*E*R*D - Nothing (Interscope)
9. Animate Objects - High Notes For Low Lifes (Tinderbox)
10. Gasss Manic - Welcome To Gasssland (Anata Roc)
Sample The Martian - Self Made Loner (Bryan Farrish/Galactic Dust)
M. Stevens - The Lyrics Lounge (WBNY)
The Gardner - The Street Album (WBNY)

Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label)

1. Afrocubism - Afrocubism (AmanAplanAcanal/Nonesuch)
2. Various - Tradi Mods Vs Rockers (Distiller/Crammed Discs)
3. E.Z. Riders - Long Way From Home (Trilogy/Mousemen)

Adds this week!
Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label) - Additional Charting (LOC-local, HH-Hip Hop, RPM-rpm,
WO-world, AAA-triple a)

Various - Fall: The Rock Musical Soundtrack (WBNY/Fusebomb) - LOC
Billy Draws Two - Popular Misconception (WBNY/Fusebomb) - LOC
Mark Weber - You Shine [single] (WBNY) - LOC/AAA
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Heart In Your Heartbreak [single] (Terrorbird)
Deerhoof - The Merry Barracks [single] (Terrorbird)
Dreaming In Stereo - Fill My Sky [single] (Self)
The American Dollar - Free Winter 2010 Compilation (Self)
Frank Turner - Rock & Roll (Pirate!) - AAA
The Veils - Troubles Of The Brain EP (Distiller)
Vampires Everywhere - Undead Heart [single] (Century Media)
The SpacePimps - 2003 [single] (Self)
Now, Now - Neighbors (Planetary)
Abby Bernstein - I'm Not Sorry (Pirate!) - AAA
The Republic Of Wolves - The Cartographer (Swim)
Various - Space Escapade Unit 1 (Elephant) - WO
Spock's Beard - X (Syndicate)
Powerglove - Saturday Morning Apocalypse (Syndicate)
POWERWORLD - Human Parasite (Syndicate)
Saigon - Bring Me Down [single] (Co-Sign) - HH
Blueprint - Radio-Inactive [single] (Co-Sign) - HH
Tensnake - Coma Cat [single] (Co-Sign) - RPM
Rich Bennett - Buddy Cop (Hidden Shoal)
Sarah Kirkland Snider - Penelope (Team Clermont) - AAA
Royal Thunder - Royal Thunder (Haulix)
Various - Joan Of Arc Presents: Don't Mind Control (Polyvinyl)
Depth & Current - Don't Go Away/Calm To The Sea 7" (Ribbit Fanatic)
Charlie Surf Academy - Roses Are Red (Rock Steady)
Endless Wave - City Walls EP (Pirate!)
The Monday Mornings - Fireweed Parade (Planetary)
The Counselors - Brooklyn Sessions (Self)
Lejeune - Adieu EP (Self)
Oberhofer - Away FRM U EP (Distiller)
Laruel Halo - King Felix (Terrorbird) - RPM
Angelo Spencer El L'Orchidee D'Hawai - L'Argent 7" (Team Clermont) - WO
Josephine Foster & The Victor Herrero Band - Anda Jaleo (Team Clermont) - WO

Online CD Tracking:
Want to see if we've recieved and are playing your CD?
Check out our current online documents to find out at www.buffalostate.edu/wbny/contact

Oh, and I just made Reverbnation account for WBNY, lol. If you're up there, find us and be a fan! :)


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91.3 FM WBNY - Music Director
E-mail: wbnymd@gmail.com
Office Hours: Thursdays 12pm-1:30pm, Fridays 3pm-8pm
Office: 716-878-3080
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