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Chart & Update: Mar 15th, 2010

Hey everyone,

I wish I could just sleep in every day sometimes xP I don't like waking up early, lol. Well I just had some yogurt and I'm off to do my radio show, but I realized I hadnt sent out my weekly update yet xP Busy busy week, gotta find some time this weekend hopefully to catch up on a bit of stuff. Although I am pretty excited for the shows coming up that I'm going to. This Saturday is a DJ Dance Party that I'm DJing at ^_^ I'll be spinning some dancey stuff along with DJ Zong, I.Am.Angelo, & DJ Mario Bee :) And Sunday is a Ladies Night VIP Showcase With Dite Nate, Vicky and Jordan, and Felecia Cobello which should be really cool as well :)
We're getting some things finalized for a couple events WBNY is going to be putting on on-campus pretty soon, will keep you updated!
I'm pretty tired, so I'm not all that talkative xP oh well, I know you guys are dying for the Chartyness!! WOoo!!!

My Personal Top 15 Songs this week:
1.) Arctic Death - Your Diamonds
2.) Said The Whale - Out On The Shield
3.) Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math
4.) Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Downtown Train
5.) R.E.M - Uberlin
6.) Bell X1 - Velcro
7.) Lykke Li - Get Some
8.) Otter Petter - Tie Your Hands
9.) The High Kings - Step It Out Mary
10.) Blueprint - So Alive [Innerpartysystem Remix]
11.) J Mascis - Not Enough
12.) the Blue Eyed Shark experiment - What To Do
13.) THEMES - Truth Is...
14.) The Babies - Caroline
15.) Wye Oak - Holy Holy Holy

WBNY top tracks by airplay - March 15th, 2011
Artist(s) - Song Title (Chart History)

1. TV On The Radio - Will Do (last week #19, 2nd week on the chart)
2. Dotsun Moon - Flutter (re-entry, 3rd wk)
3. Radiohead - Morning Mr. Magpie (LW #21, 2nd wk)
4. Dum Dum Girls - Wrong Feels Right (highest debut)
5. Kitten - Kill the Light (LW #13, 3rd wk)
6. Radiohead - Little By Little (debut)
7. Those Dancing Days - I'll Be Yours (LW #18, 2nd wk)
8. (White Sea) - Ladykiller (debut)
9. Drive By Truckers - I Do Believe (re-entry, 2nd wk)
10. Adele - Rumour Has It (debut)
11. Ellie Goulding - Lights (LW #4, 2nd wk)
12. Rachel Goodrich - Morning Light (debut)
13. The Strokes - Under Cover of Darkness (after 3 wks at #1, 4th wk)
14. The Dodos - Don't Stop (debut)
15. Revolver - Losing You (debut)
16. Yelle - Safari Disco Club (debut)
17. Lykke Li - Get Some (debut)
18. Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Iron - Speed Of Light (debut)
19. The Cave Singers - Swim Club (debut)
20. Spit Hot Fire - Sunshine Girl (LW #11, 2nd wk)
21. i.am.angelo - In This Nightclub (debut)
22. Shinobi Ninja - Brookyln To Babylon (debut)
23. Brad Bialy - Give It A Try Friday (re-entry, 3rd wk)
24. The Decemberists - Don't Carry It All (re-entry, 4th wk, was #3 Feb 2)
25. Dirty Vegas - Changes [original] (debut)

WBNY top CDs by airplay - March 15th, 2011
Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label) (Chart History) "Top Tracks"

1. Radiohead - The King Of Limbs (AAM/TBD) (highest debut) "Little By Little", "Morning Mr. Magpie"
2. Dotsun Moon - 4am (WBNY/Incite A Riot/Missing) (last week #10, 4th week on chart) "Flutter", "And I Rest"
3. Adele - 21 (XL) (LW #6, 2nd wk) "Rumour Has It", "One and Only"
4. Kitten - Sunday School (AAM/Control Group) (LW #5, 4th wk) "Kill the Light", "Chinatown"
5. Dum Dum Girls - He Gets Me High EP (AAM/SubPop) (new) "Wrong Feels Right", "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out"
6. Cage The Elephant - Thank You Happy Birthday (Jive) (LW #3, 8th wk) "Aberdeen", "Shake Me Down"
7. Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion - Bright Examples (AAM) (LW #28, 2nd wk) "Speed Of Light", "Ahead Of Myself"
8. TV On The Radio - Will Do [single] (Interscope) (new)
9. Middle Brother - Middle Brother (Distiller/Partisan) (LW #13, 4th wk) "Thanks For Nothing", "Someday"
10. The Decemberists - The King Is Dead (AAM/EMI) (LW #2, 8th wk) "Don't Carry It All", "Rise To Me"
11. Vanity Theft - Get What You Came For (Distiller/Vigilante/Adamant) (LW #20, 3rd wk) "Train Wreck", "Limb From Limb"
12. Acrylics - Lives And Treasure (Terrorbird/Friendly Fire) (LW #35, 2nd wk) "Counting Sheep", "Tortoise Shell Shades"
13. Art Vs Science - Magic Fountain (Planetary/Beverly Martel) (LW #15, 3rd wk) "Parlez-Vous Francais?", "Magic Fountain"
14. Drive By Truckers - Go-Go Boots (Team Clermont/ATO) (LW #23, 2nd wk) "I Do Believe", "Everybody Needs Love"
15. ...And You will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Tao Of The Dead (Planetary/Superball) (new) "The Wasteland", "Pure Radio Cosplay"
16. Pig Rectum - Jammed In A Furnace (WBNY) (new) "Torque Wrench Lobotomy", "Jammed In A Furnace"
17. Telekinesis - 12 Desperate Straight Lines (Team Clermont/Merge) (LW #7, 5th wk) "Car Crash", "50 Ways"
18. Those Dancing Days - Daydreams & Nightmares (Distiller/Witchita) (new) "I'll Be Yours", "Reaching Forward"
19. The Cave Singers - No Witch (Jagjaguwar) (new) "Swim Club", "Gifts & the Raft"
20. Rachel Goodrich - Rachel Goodrich (Terrorbird/Yellow Bear) (LW #21, 2nd wk) "Morning Light", "Dead Francis"
21. Moon Unit - Sampler 2011 (WBNY) (LW #14, 5th wk) "Walking In Sleep", "Change"
22. The Frustrators - Griller EP (Planetary) (LW #64, 2nd wk) "Prettiest Girl", "Stigma"
23. Ellie Goulding - Lights (Cherrytree/Interscope) (LW #34, 2nd wk) "Starry Eyed", "I Can I Will"
24. Various Artists - Rango Soundtrack (Pirate!/Anti-) (new) "Rango Theme Song", "Rango Suite"
25. Various Artists - Manitoba Music (Planetary/Manitoba) (re-entry, 2nd wk) "Imaginary Cities", "The One"
26. Young Galaxy - Shapeshifting (Planetary) (LW #42, 5th wk) "For Dear Life", "Cover Your Tracks"
27. Jamaica - Cross The Fader (Pirate!/Cooperative) (LW #12, 4th wk) "By the Numbers", "I Think I Like U 2"
28. Mista Perez - Pure (WBNY) (LW #50, 2nd wk) "How Do We Carry On", "Your Version Of Love"
29. Mikey Jukebox - Mikey Jukebox (Planetary/Young Lion) (new) "We Don't Stop 'Til the Kids R Dancin'", "Hello Dreamer!"
30. Imaginary Cities - Temporary Resident (Planetary/Hidden Pony) (new) "Hummingbird", "Say You"
31. Shinobi Ninja - Rock Hood (Syndicate) (new) "Brooklyn To Babylon", "Nah Nah"
32. The Brass Monkeez - Sampler 2010 (WBNY) (LW #36, 5th wk) "Down In Louisiana", "3765"
33. The Gallery - Come Alive EP (Syndicate) (LW #9, 2nd wk) "Free", "Who's In the Right"
34. Bright Eyes - The People's Key (AAM/Saddle Creek) (LW #46, 5th wk) "Approximate Sunlight", "Triple Spiral"
35. The Indras - The Indras (WBNY/Kaotic) (LW #58, 2nd wk) "Calling To Your Bedside", "In Vitro"
36. Brent Persia - Brent Persia (WBNY/Incite A Riot) (re-entry, 5th wk) "I Put My Heart Into You", "Dirty Hands"
37. Unwelcome Guests - Don't Go Swimming (WBNY/Kiss of Death) (LW #11, 3rd wk) "Mazie", "Might Be Broken"
38. Larrabe - Outgrow (WBNY) (LW #31, 3rd wk) "Infinity", "Seattle"
39. The Megaphonic Thrift - Decay Decoy (Distiller/Sonic Unyon) (new) "The Undertow", "Talks Like A Weed King"
40. (white sea) - This Frontier (Lift/Obscura) (new) "Ladykiller", "Mountaineer"
41. The Headers - Don't Be Talkin' Smack (WBNY) (LW #16, 6th wk) "Brand New Gretsch Guitar", "Sandman"
42. Glass Department - Electric Love (Incite A Riot/WBNY) (new) "Electric Love", "Sunlight"
43. Various - Wintour Mixtape (WBNY/The Team Records) (re-entry, 2nd wk) "Owen Wilson's Nose", "Sex & Other Drugs"
44. WIN WIN - WIN WIN (Terrorbird) (LW #17, 2nd wk) "Pop A Gumball", "Victim"
45. Ponderosa - Moonlight Revival (New West) (new) "Devil On My Shoulder", "Old Gin Road"
46. The High Kings - Memory Lane (Missing Piece Group) (new) "Leaving Of Liverpool", "Step It Out Mary"
47. The Tins - The Tins [EP] (Tinderbox/WBNY) (re-entry, 5th wk) "Subtle Rattle", "The Green Room"
48. Revolver - Parallel Lives EP (EMI/Astralwerks) (new) "Losing You", "Parallel Lives"
49. Rev Theory - Justice (Interscope) (LW #4, 4th wk) "Hangman", "Loaded Gun"
50. The Disciplines - Virgins Of Menace (Team Clermont/Spark & Shine) (re-entry, 4th wk) "Virgins Of Menace", "For You I Walked Over the Line"
The Fleshtones - Brooklyn Sound Sessions (Yep Roc) (new) "Solution 1", "I Can't Hide"
N*E*R*D - The Best of N*E*R*D (Syndicate/Virgin) (re-entry, 4th wk) "She Wants To Move", "Maybe"
Cloud Nothings - Cloud Nothings (Terrorbird/Carpark) (re-entry, 2nd wk) "Should Have", "Understand At All"
R.E.M. - Collapse Into Now (Team Clermont) (new) "UBerlin", "Oh My Heart"
Bayside - Killing Time (Syndicate/Wind-Up) (LW #41, 2nd wk) "It's Not A Bad Little War", "Sick, Sick, Sick"
Tapes 'N Tapes - Outside (Vitriol/Ibid) (LW #49, 7th wk) "Mighty Long", "Badaboom"
Cold War Kids - Mine Is Yours (Syndicate/Downtown) (LW #32, 7th wk) "Broken Open", "Louder Than Ever"
Birds In Mines - This Is Going To Be Awkward (WBNY) (re-entry, 3rd wk) "Devil's Hip", "The U.S. Military Plans To Mount an Attack On the Tripods"
Rooney - Eureka (Syndicate) (re-entry, 5th wk) "Don't Look At Me", "I Don't Wanna Lose You"
The BirD Day - Collect Vibrations (WBNY) (re-entry, 3rd wk) "Spinning", "The Past Noise"
Foster The People - Foster The People (Syndicate) (LW #43, 4th wk) "Pumped Up Kicks", "Houdini"
The Go! Team - Rolling Blackouts (Terrorbird/Memphis Industries) (LW #22, 6th wk) "Voice Yr Choice", "Buy Nothing Day"
Rachel James - 2011 Compilation (Tinderbox) (re-entry, 2nd wk) "The Road", "More Than That"
Amos Lee - Mission Bell (AAM/EMI) (re-entry, 2nd wk) "Cup Of Sorrow", "El Camino"
Todd Andrews - Just Press Play (WBNY/Tate Music) (new) "Get Right With Your Woman", "A Drink Or Two Or More"

Loud Rock Update:
(from, Megan Jones wbnymetal@gmail.com )

Hello Everyone,
I finally have a voice! I was called Minnie Mouse for a week. Unfortunately I am still sick but you have to kick sickness in the
ass and move on. Sooooo that's what I'm doing lol.
My office hours for this week is very sketchy due to exams, and work conflicts.
I will be available from 130-300 on weds.
If you need a different day to be contacted let me know!

Top 10:
1DARKEST HOURThe Human RomanceE1
2TIMES OF GRACEThe Hymn Of A Broken ManRoadrunner
3ABYSMAL DAWNLeveling The Plane Of ExistenceRelapse
4MISERYEvil Is CrownedMegaforce
5DEATHThe Sound Of PerserveranceRelapse
6RABBITSLower FormsRelapse
8GRAND MAGUSHammer Of The North101
9COLD SNAPPerfectionMig

going for add (only allowed 5 on cmj):'

3HAVOKTime Is Up
4SERENITYDeath And LegacyNapalm


Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label)

1. Dotsun Moon - 4am (WBNY/Incite A Riot/Missing)
2. Vanity Theft - Get What You Came For (Distiller/Vigilante/Adamant)
3. Young Galaxy - Shapeshifting (Planetary)
4. Mista Perez - Pure (WBNY)
5. Shinobi Ninja - Rock Hood (Syndicate)
6. (white sea) - This Frontier (Lift/Obscura)
7. Glass Department - Electric Love (Incite A Riot/WBNY)
8. Kids of 88 - Just A Little Bit (Team Clermont/SIN)
9. Starfucker - Julius (Polyvinyl)
10. I.Am.Angelo - In This Nightclub (Incite A Riot/WBNY)
Clash The Disko Kids - Transient (Basserk)
Dirty Vegas - Changes [single] (Co-Sign/Om)
MC Zulu - Crowd Control (Co-Sign/Perception2020)
Chokr - Getting The Flow (Basserk)

Triple A CDs
Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label)

1. Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion - Bright Examples (AAM)
2. The Decemberists - The King Is Dead (AAM/EMI)
3. Brent Persia - Brent Persia (WBNY/Incite A Riot)
4. The Headers - Don't Be Talkin' Smack (WBNY)
5. Revolver - Parallel Lives EP (EMI/Astralwerks)
6. Amos Lee - Mission Bell (AAM/EMI)
7. First Aid Kit - Universal Soldier 7" (Syndicate/Third Man)
8. The Low Anthem - Smart Flesh (AmanAplanAcanal/Nonesuch)
9. Green River Ordinance - The Morning Passengers EP (Planetary)
10. Jessica Lea Mayfield - Tell Me (AmanAplanAcanal/Nonesuch)
Nate Currin - Goodnight California (Team Clermont/Archaic Cannon)
Destroyer - Kaputt (Team Clermont/Merge)
Bob Wayne - Outlaw Carnie (Century Media)
Wanda Jackson - The Party Ain't Over (Syndicate/Nonesuch/Third Man)

Hip Hop CDs
Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label)

1. Mista Perez - Pure (WBNY)
2. N*E*R*D - The Best of N*E*R*D (Syndicate/Virgin)
3. The Pleasentville Killerz - The Pleasentville Killerz (Tinderbox/Mastermindz)
4. Blaqstarr - Divine EP (Interscope)
5. MC Zulu - Crowd Control (Co-Sign/Perception2020)
6. Saigon - Bring Me Down [single] (Co-Sign)
7. Shad - Keep Shining (Co-Sign/Black Box/Decon)
8. Verbal Kent - Save Yourself (Co-Sign/Rapmechanics)
9. Blueprint - Radio-Inactive [single] (Co-Sign)
10. MC Nells - Sampler 2011 (WBNY)
Abstract Artform - His Story In The Making (Hula Girl)
Sims - Bad Time Zoo (Co-Sign/Doomtree)
Freddie Gibbs - Str8 Killa (Co-Sign/Decon)
Blueprint - So Alive (Co-Sign/Rhymesayers)
J-Live - No Time To Waste [single] (Co-Sign)

World Music CDs
Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label)

1. The High Kings - Memory Lane (Missing Piece Group)
2. Empresarios - Sabor Tropical (Distiller/Fort Knox)
3. Lee Negin - Hungry Ghosts (Planetary)
4. MC Zulu - Crowd Control (Co-Sign/Perception2020)
5. Shugo Tokumaru - Port Entropy (Polyvinyl)
6. Various Artists - Woman's World (Distiller/Six Degrees)
7. Various Artists - Transnational Dubstep (Distiller/Six Degrees)
8. Various - The Sound of Rhythm & Culture Remixed (Distiller)
9. Dub Is A Weapon - Vaporized (Distiller/Harmonized)
10. Los Chicharrons - Roots of Life (Co-Sign/Tummy Touch)

RPM tracks
1. Dotsun Moon - Flutter
2. (White Sea) - Ladykiller
3. i.am.angelo - In This Nightclub
4. Shinobi Ninja - Brookyln To Babylon
5. Dirty Vegas - Changes [original]
6. Glass Department - Electric Love
7. Dotsun Moon - Heed the Warning
8. Kids Of 88 - Downtown
9. Mista Perez - Warm It Up
10. Clash the Disko Kids - Transient
The Decemberists - Rise To Me
Young Galaxy - For Dear Life
Vanity Theft - Train Wreck
Mophono - Cut From Crunch

Hip Hop tracks
1. Saigon - Bring Me Down
2. Mista Perez - Warm It Up
3. Blaqstarr - Oh My Darlin'
4. Blueprint - Radio-inactive
5. N*E*R*D - Maybe
6. Blueprint - So Alive (innerpartysystem mix)
7. MC Nells - History In the Makin'
8. Shad - Telephone
9. The Pleasantville Killerz - Break It Down
10. Abstract Artform - Country Boy
N*E*R*D - She Wants To Move
The Pleasantville Killerz - Stay In Your Lane
MC Zulu - Crowd Control
MC Zulu - Carnival Madness

Triple A tracks
1. Revolver - Losing You
2. Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Iron - Speed Of Light
3. The Decemberists - Don't Carry It All
4. Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Iron - Ahead Of Myself
5. First Aid Kit - It Hurts Me Too
6. Green River Ordinance - Dancing Shoes
7. The Low Anthem - Apothecary Love
8. Jessica Lea Mayfield - Our Hearts Are Wrong
9. The Decemberists - Calamity Song
10. Young Galaxy - The Angels Are Surely Weeping
Otter Petter - Tie Your Hands
Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band - Downtown Train
King Creosote - King Bubbles In Sand
Destroyer - Blue Eyes

World Music tracks
1. The High Kings - Leaving Of Liverpool
2. The High Kings - Step It Out Mary
3. MC Zulu - Crowd Control
4. Empresarios - Negrita Linda
5. MC Zulu - Carnival Madness
6. Shugo Tokumaru - Lahaha
7. Lee Negin - One & Only True Manhood
8. Empresarios - Dog Is Everywhere
9. Lee Negin - The Saga Of Cheez
10. Sound Of Rhythm & Culture - Samba Soul [2010 mix]
Woman's World - Ana Maria
Dub Is A Weapon - Turbulence
The High Kings - The Rising Of the Moon
MC Zulu - Life Of Privilege

Local tracks
1. Dotsun Moon - Flutter
2. i.am.angelo - In This Nightclub
3. Brad Bialy - Give It A Try Friday
4. Glass Department - Electric Love
5. The Indras - In Vitro
6. Dotsun Moon - Heed the Warning
7. Mista Perez - Warm It Up
8. Larrabe - Infinity
9. Pig Rectum - Torque Wrench Lobotomy
10. Birds In Mines - Devil's Hip
Moon Unit - Walking In Sleep
Pig Rectum - Jammed In A Furnace
The Brass Monkeez - I Gotta Get Back
No Sad Tomorrow - Run For Your Life

Adds this week:
Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label) - Additional Charting (HH-hip hop, LOC-local, RPM-rpm, WO-world, LR-loud rock, AAA-triple a)

City Under Siege - The End To Everything [sampler] (WBNY/EXPAT) - LOC
Iceberg - Signals (WBNY) - LOC
Paul Burt - Spectrum (WBNY/Incite A Riot) - LOC/RPM
Nix Vega - Jack's Poetic Hand (WBNY) - LOC/AAA
Don't Be A Hero - Demo 2011 (WBNY) - LOC/LR
Led By The Blind - Sampler (WBNY) - LOC/LR
AssHat - Sampler 2011 (WBNY) - LOC
Hania Yiska - Sampler (WBNY/Incite A Riot) - LOC
Jodi Dareal Rogers - Why You Doubt Me [single] (WBNY) - LOC/HH
Mike Kornrich Band - Sampler (WBNY) - LOC/AAA
Travis Barker - Give The Drummer Some (Interscope) - HH
Rise Against - Endgame (DGC) - LR
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Don't Say We Didn't Warn You (Planetary/Cooking Vinyl) - RPM
Hank III - Hillbilly Joker (BRUC/Sidewalk)
Heidecker and Wood - Starting From Nowhere (Team Clermont/Little Record) - AAA
Oh Land - Oh Land (Syndicate/Epic) - RPM
Buffalo Tom - Skin (Distiller/Scrawny)
The Dodos - No Color (AAM/Frenchkiss)
Scala & Kolancy Brothers - Scala & Kolancy Brothers (AAM/ATCO)
Parlours - Parlours EP (Team Clermont/Aqui Estamos)
The Knux - She's So Up [single] (Interscope)
Various - Songs For The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep Vol. 2 (The Band Mom)
Hungry Kids Of Hungary - Mega Mountain (Planetary/Mucho Bravado)
Eisley - The Valley (Equal Vision)
Rival Schools - Pedals (Atlantic/Photo Finish)
The Sunny Era - Gone Missing (Tinderbox)
Little Scream - The Golden Record (Secretly Canadian)
Kurt Vile - Smoke Ring For My Halo (Matador)
Haroula Rose - These Open Roads (Team Clermont) - AAA
Jim Bianco - Loudmouth (Planetary) - AAA
Darlings - Warma (Terrorbird/Famous Class)
Mic Crenshaw - Under The Sun (Co-Sign,Focused Noise) - HH
Adventure - The Lesser Known (Terrorbird/Carpark) - RPM
The Electric - Life Is Moving (Co-Sign/DGS) - HH/RPM
Carlos Go-Go Gomez - New Paradigm Global Music (Mia Mind) - WO/RPM


5-15: Sacred Animals - Welcome Home EP (Planetary/Delphi) for The Dodos - Don't Stop [single], reason: full length added
6-28: Computer Magic - Electronic Fences EP (Distiller/White Iris) for Scala & Kolancy Brothers - Use Somebody [single], reason: full length added


Gregory Burt
91.3 FM WBNY - Music Director
E-mail: wbnymd@gmail.com
Office Hours: Thursdays 12pm-1:30pm, Fridays 3pm-8pm
Office: 716-878-3080
Cell: 716-946-4332

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