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Chart & Update: Oct 26th, 2010

Hey there everyone! Hope your week has been wonderful! Everybody ready for Halloween? I know I'm excited to get super hyper on chocolate and energy drinks and be up alll night!! haha. I also have to say it's really cool to be walking to class and pass by a group of zombies on campus. lol. Props to those dressing up for Humans Vs. Zombies :)
Anyways, this is suppose to be a Tuesday update, but it's Wednesday night, so whats my excuse for being late?
Well, not to point any fingers, but we have been in the process of getting a new lock (fob) system installed at the station and, without notice to us, the company went in and installed it on our outside door. Problem is, they then removed the lock we had the key for and didn't give us any keys to open the new lock with! XD! We are in the process of contacting them and getting the new system working, but this did disrupt getting some work done at certain times as it was impossible to get into the station, and that's why the charts are a little late (I got the Top 30 up on CMJ, will be starting Hip-Hop, RPM, World, and Triple-A next week! but near the bottom of this e-mail is the current sample of charting we figured out so far for those) ^_^

And I believe that brings us to updates!
Weekly online giveaways are underway! We have taken facebook by storm, haha, check us out at: http://www.facebook.com/WBNY913
Postings of our ongoings will be constantly updating there, along with chances for you (as listeners) to win fantastic prizes such as tickets, vinyls, CDs, posters, t-shirts, and a whole lot more!
What do we have for you this week?
Well, 2 prizes for all you wonderful listeners! First, Buffalo, NY legend Ani Difranco is coming back home for a show Nov 2nd in Asbury Hall at Babeville, & we are giving away a few Ani Packages including a pair of tickets to the show, a copy of her newest CD 'Red Letter Year', a DVD live at Babeville, an Ani poster, a sticker and a t-shirt!
Second, we will also be giving away free Bob Dylan CDs! 'The Best Of The Original Mono Recordings' & 'The Witmark Demos'!
E-mail: wbnysweepstakes@gmail.com for your chance to win! Include your name, contact e-mail (and a phone number if you would like us to contact you that way)! Winners will be announced within the week! Winners of the Ani prize will be able to claim it at the doors of the show, while the Bob Dylan CDs will be made available at WBNY! Tell your friends to e-mail us too for more chances to win! :)

We're working a lot of other fun things here too! I've been putting in a lot of work these past couple weeks with one of our newest members Afton to go through all our bins and bins of old CDs at the station and organzise them (believe me, it gets pretty crazy) and will continue to spend at least a night a week going through everything so it can now be easily useable! (For the past like 20 years members would just toss old CDs into bins and stack them in the closet to be forgotten. We don't know the last time these bins have been looked through but we are finding some real gems and are determined to make the collection useable again, lol).

Also for all you around the area, mark your calendars on April 29th for a 2-stage free concert from 4-11pm in the quad at Buffalo State College with tons of amazing local bands! 91.3 FM WBNY & Back Phrom The Dead Records are currently filling up the line-up and will announce more info soon, but this is an event you're going to have to be at :)

Thanks to Sweatin' Like Nixon, Shayfer James, and Adam Haworth Stephens for all stopping down in our studio for some amazing interviews and live in-studio performances this week! :)
Podcast downloads of Sweatin' Like Nixon's interview with us and Shayfer James' live in-studio performance in our studio is available at: http://www.buffalostate.edu/wbny/podcasts.htm (Adam Haworth Stephens live in-studio performance will also be up there soon!)

<- Special thanks to Shayfer James :) Really really cool performance!

We also updated the download page with some other recordings of bands we had on, including Sleeperstarr, FM Hi-Low, Monster Mates, and a new version of our interview with Revolver (now in better quality!)

Some upcoming interviews to tune in for are:
10/29 @ 2:00pm Venona (in-studio acoustic performance)
11/5 @ 1pm Ami Saraiya
11/13 @ 2:30pm Hey Rosetta! (in-studio acoustic performance)
Keep an eye in our twitter feed for the newest interview updates at: www.twitter.com/wbnymusic

I think that's enough announcements for now, let's get to the meat of this, the charts!

WBNY top CD's by airplay - October 26th, 2010
Artist(s) - Album (Record Company/Promotion Agency) (Chart History) "Top Tracks"

1. Jimmy Eat World - Invented (DGC Records) (LW #1, 7 wks on chart) "Cut", "Movielike"
2. Various - Jackass 3D Soundtrack (Pirate!/Epitaph) (LW #9, 2 wks) "Party In My Pants", "I Got Your Number"
3. David Bowie - Station To Station [remastered]/Live At Nassau Coliseum '76 (Syndicate/Virgin) (LW #7, 2 wks) "Word On A WIng", "TVC 15"
4. Weezer - Death To False Metal/Pinkerton [Deluxe Edition] Sampler (Universal/Geffen) (new) "Autopilot", "Odd Couple"
5. Sweatin' Like Nixon - Examining The Rubicon (WBNY) (LW #40, 2 wks) "Inappropriate Mommy", "Every Great Man"
6. Chiodos - Illuminaudio (Pirate!/Equal Vision) (new) "Let Us Burn One", "Caves"
7. The Boy And His Machine - Count On It! (WBNY) (new) "Watch Your Back", "The Greatest Liar"
8. John Lennon - Gimme Some Truth [sampler] (Syndicate) (LW #13, 2 wks) "Oh Yoko!", "Beautiful Boy"
9. Weezer - Hurley (Pirate!/Anti-Epitaph) (LW #4, spent 2 wks at #1, 8 wks) "Memories", "Smart Girls"
10. Pollock - Valentine (WBNY) (LW #6, 6 wks) "A New Machine", "Mr. Phoenix"
11. Young The Giant - Young The Giant (Pirate!/Roadrunner) (LW #17, 2 wks) "My Body", "God Made Man"
12. The Bunny The Bear - The Bunny The Bear (WBNY) (re-entry, 2 wks) "Flying Like A Bird", "Lust Touch Seed"
13. Serj Tankian - Imperfect Harmonies (AmanAplanAcanal/Reprise) (re-entry, 3 wks) "Disowned Inc.", "Left Of Center"
14. Venona - Sampler (WBNY) (new) "A Room With A View", "Geocentric"
15. The Companies - Keep Me In Mind... (Team Clermont/Rat Bastards) (new) "Huge Effort", "Tragic End"
16. Telekinesis - Parallel Seismic Conspiracies (Merge) (LW #6, 3 wks) "Calling All Doctors", "Dirty Thing"
17. The Black Angels - Phosphene Dream (Distiller/Blue Horizon) (LW #50, 4 wks) "True Believers", "Haunting at 1300 McKinley"
18. The Intelligence - Males (Terrorbird/In The Red) (LW #3, 3 wks) "Sailor Itch", "Man Or a Parking Lot"
19. Lovers - Dark Light (Terrorbird/Badman) (LW #19, 2 wks) "Boxers", "Peppermint"
20. Interpol - Interpol (Matador) (re-entry, 5 wks, was #1 Sep 22) "Lights", "Memory Serves"
21. Tumbledown - Empty Bottle (End Sounds) (LW #16, 2 wks) "Bad News", "Places In This Town"
22. Midlake - Fortune EP (Bella Union/Yep Roc) (LW #39, 3 wks) "Winter Dies", "Rulers, Ruling All Things"
23. Aaron + Andrew - To Be Brave (Tinderbox) (LW #54, 2 wks) "Rescue Me", "All Over Again"
24. Fistful Of Mercy - As I Call You Down (Pirate!/HOT) (new) "I Don't Want To Waste Your Time", "In Vain Or True"
25. Bearhunter - Still Life Terrarium (WBNY/Harvest Sum) (re-entry, 4 wks) "Minor Setback", "No Mulligans"
26. The Thermals - Personal Life (Terrorbird/Kills Rock Stars) (LW #27, 8 wks) "I'm Gonna Change Your Life", "Never Listen To Me"
27. Neil Young - Le Noise (AmanAplanAcanal/Reprise) (LW #2, 3 wks) "Walk With Me", "Love and War"
28. Superchunk - Majesty Shredding (Syndicate/Merge) (LW #29, 4 wks) "My Gap Feels Weird", "Diggin For Something"
29. Kendl Winter - Apple Core (Team Clermont/K) (new) "Made It Through The Yellow", "Dr. Tiller"
30. Stealin' - 13 (WBNY) (LW #30, 3 wks) "Adams Bone", "You Keep Me Hangin' On"
31. The Vaselines - Sex with an X (Sub Pop/AAM) (re-entry, 4 wks) "Overweight But Over You", "Sex With An X"
32. Various - 50 Years Of Dr.Martens (Distiller/Dr.Martens) (LW #51, 2 wks) "I Wanna Be Adored", "Ever Fallen In Love"
33. Flying Lotus - Patter+Grid World (Terrorbird) (re-entry, 2 wks) "Camera Day", "Clay"
34. Small Sins - Pot Calls Kettle Black (Pirate!/Arts & Crafts) (new) "Deja Vu", "My Dear"
35. The Limousines - Get Sharp (Planetary) (new) "Very Busy People", "Triangle Circle Square"
36. Les Savy Fav - Root For Ruin (Frenchkiss) (LW #10, 4 wks) "Let's Get Out Of Here", "Dear Crutches"
37. Meg & Dia - It's Always Stormy In Tilamook (Self) (new) "Dreams Like Oceans", "My Ugly Mouth"
38. Prince Rama - Shadow Temple (Terrorbird/Carpark) (LW #48, 2 wks) "Thunderdrums", "Mythras"
39. Belle & Sebastian - Write About Love (Matador) (new) "I Want the World To Stop", "Write About Love"
40. Avi Wisnia - Something New (Planetary) (LW #60, 2 wks) "New Year", "Love Song"
41. The Secret Sisters - The Secret Sisters (Universal Republic) (LW #55, 2 wks) "My Heart Skips A Beat", "Why Baby Why"
42. The Hush Now - Shiver Me Starships (Pirate!) (LW #11, 4 wks) "Daedalus Bound", "The Other Ones"
43. Various - Polyvinyl Record Co. Sampler (Polyvinyl) (new) "Cherry Lips", "Think I Wanna Die"
44. Tallest Trees - The Ostrich Or The Lark (Self) (new) "Love Like Blankets", "Our Hands"
45. Does It Offend You, Yeah? - We Are The Dead [single] (Planetary) (LW #23, 2 wks)
46. Alex Kelly - Sticky Butterfly (WBNY) (new) "Funky Hydrophonic", "Stand"
47. of Montreal - False Priest (AAM/Polyvinyl) (LW #18, 9 wks) "Like A Tourist", "I Feel Ya' Strutter"
48. Moondoggies - Tidelands (AAM/Hardly Art) (new) "It's A Shame, It's A Pity", "Tidelands"
49. Jenny & Johnny - I'm Having Fun Now (AAM/Warner Bros) (LW #35, 7 wks) "Big Wave", "Scissor Runner"
50. It's A Firefight - I'm Getting Too Gold For This Shit [pt. 1] (WBNY) (re-entry, 4 wks) "Wrong Side Of Town", "Still The One"
Infantree - Would Work (AmanAplanAcanal/Vapor) (re-entry, 2 wks) "Water", "If She Could"
Tricky - Mixed Race (AAM/Domino) (new) "Bristol To London", "Every Day"
Never Shout Never - Harmony (Loveway) (new) "Lovesick", "Harmony"
Robyn Dell'Unto - I'm Here Every Night (Tinderbox/Orange Lounge) (re-entry, 3 wks) "Just a Bird", "Same Damn Song"
Twin Shadow - Forget (AAM/Terribe) (new) "I Can't Wait", "Tyrant Destroyed"
Guster - Easy Wonderful (Syndicate) (LW #12, 2 wks) "Architects and Engineers", "Do You Love Me"
Diet Kong - Beautiful Blackout (Patriarch) (LW #59, 3 wks) "Beautiful Blackout", "A Forest"
The June Gloom - Wonderland (Tinderbox/Socan) (new) "Believe", "Cabrini-Green"
Social Scientists - Born At Sea (WBNY) (new) "Further", "Hey Starlight"
Gospel Claws - Claws (Team Clermont/Common Wall) (new) "Summer Night Lakeside", "Baby, I'll Take You Home"

WBNY top tracks by airplay - October 26th, 2010
Artist(s) - Song (Chart History)

1. Weezer - Memories (re-entry, 8 total wks on chart, was #2 Sep 15)
2. Venona - A Room With A View (highest debut)
3. Telekinesis - Dirty Thing (3rd straight wk at #3, 3 wks)
4. Les Savy Fav - Let's Get Out Of Here (LW #6, 4 wks)
5. Sufjan Stevens - Too Much (LW #18, 2 wks)
6. Jimmy Eat World - Movielike (LW #7, 3 wks)
7. N*E*R*D - Hypnotize U (LW #9, 2 wks)
8. Guster - Architects and Engineers (LW #8, 2 wks)
9. Does It Offend You, Yeah? - We Are the Dead (LW #4, 2 wks)
10. Put Down Wednesday - Mutiny (re-entry, 2 wks)
11. John Lennon - Hold On (debut)
12. A Boy and His Machine - Watch Your Back (debut)
13. Chiodos - Caves (debut)
14. The Moondoggies - It's A Shame, It's A Pity (debut)
15. Neil Young - Walk With Me (LW #5, 3 wks)
16. Serj Tankian - Disowned Inc. (re-entry, 2 wks)
17. Midlake - Fortune [alternative] (LW #2, 3 wks)
18. Young the Giant - My Body (LW #20, 2 wks)
19. Pollock - A New Machine (debut)
20. Roger Alan Wade - Party In My Pants [from Jackass 3D soundtrack] (debut)
21. Pomegranates - 50% (debut)
22. Weezer - Autopilot (debut)
23. Superchunk - Diggin For Something (debut)
24. John Lennon - Oh Yoko! (debut)
25. Weezer - Odd Couple (debut)

Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label)

1. John Lennon - Gimme Some Truth [sampler] (Syndicate)
2. Neil Young - Le Noise (AmanAplanAcanal/Reprise)
3. Avi Wisnia - Something New (Planetary)
4. Mark Weber - Days Like These (WBNY)
5. Eric Clapton - Clapton (Reprise)
6. Mavis Staples - You Are Not Alone (Pirate!/Anti-Epitaph)
7. Aaron Thompson - Aaron Thompson (Tinderbox/Sockets)
8. Kadre - Ain't No Woman (Tinderbox/Severe)
9. Pete Yorn - Pete Yorn (Syndicate/Vagrant)
10. Speakeasy Three - Would It Matter (WBNY)
Carl Broemel - All Birds Say (Team Claremont/ATO)
Bess Rogers - Bess Rogers Presents Bess Rogers (Tinderbox)
The Chapin Sisters - Two (Terrorbird/Lake Bottom)
Jon & Roy - Homes (Planetary/Pacific Music)
Tim Kasher - The Game Of Monogamy (Pirate!/Saddle Creek)

Hip Hop
Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label)

1. Tricky - Mixed Race (AAM/Domino)
2. N*E*R*D - Hypnotize U [single] (Star Trak)
3. John Legend & The Roots - Wake Up! (Syndicate/Columbia)
4. Motion Man - Adult Situations (442 Records)
5. MC Nells - Campus Crush [single] (WBNY)
6. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Record Collection (Sony Music)
7. Notar - Notar (Vitriol/Tyrannosaurus)
8. Nubian - Special Luv [single] (WBNY)

Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label)

1. Lovers - Dark Light (Terrorbird/Badman)
2. Flying Lotus - Patter+Grid World (Terrorbird)
3. Does It Offend You, Yeah? - We Are The Dead [single] (Planetary)
4. Alex Kelly - Sticky Butterfly (WBNY)
5. Sufjan Stevens - The Age Of Adz (Team Clermont/Asthmatic Kitty)
6. Various - Ninja Tune XX (Terrorbird/Ninja Tune)
(tie) Chilly Gonzales - Ivory Tower (Pirate!/Arts & Crafts)
8. Robyn - Body Talk Pt. 2 (AAM/Cherrytree/Interscope)
9. Eskmo - Eskmo (Terrorbird/Ninja Tune)
10. Le Concorde - House (Team Clermont/Le Grand Magistory)
11. i.am.angelo - Silhouette [single] (WBNY)
12. Starfucker - Julius (Polyvinyl)
13. Sophia Moon - Staring Back At Me (Planetary)
14. Underworld - Barking (Planetary)
15. Ursula 1000 - Rocket EP (Distiller)
16. Hey Champ - Star (Pirate!/Co-Sign/Townie)
17. Andreya Triana - Lost Where I Belong (Terrorbird/Ninja Tune)
18. Maximum Balloon - Maximum Balloon (DGC Records)
19. Sir Ivan - I Am Peaceman (Planetary/Peaceman)

Artist - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label)

1. Prince Rama - Shadow Temple (Terrorbird/Carpark)
2. Revolver - Music For A While (Terrorbird/Astralwerks)
3. Olof Arnolds - Innundir Skinni (Planetary/One Little Indian)
4. Dungen - Skit I Allt (Kemado)

Adds This Week:
Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label) - Additional Charting (LOC - loc, RPM - rpm, HH - hiphop, WO - world, AAA - triple a)

An American Skyline - ...Let The Story Begin (WBNY) - LOC
Donna The Buffalo - Silverlined (WBNY/Sugar Hill) - LOC
Jimkata - Ghosts & Killers (WBNY/JGold Entertainment) - LOC
The Whiskey Reverb - Proverbs Bi-Polar & The Body Electric (WBNY/Mulgruvis) - LOC
i.am.angelo - Sampler (WBNY) - LOC/RPM
Dani J - Welcome To My World (WBNY) - LOC/HH
Chae Hawk - The Pregame (mixtape) (WBNY) - LOC/HH
Impact! - Positively Pissed EP (WBNY) - LOC
Hellogoodbye - Would It Kill You? (sampler) (Planetary)
The Jezabels - Dark Storm (Planetary)
Bad Books - Bad Books (Syndicate/Favorite Gentlemen)
Mt. Desolation - Mt. Desolation (Interscope)
Swedish House Mafia - Until One (Syndicate/Terrorbird/EMI) - RPM
Roots Manuva meets Wrong Tom - Duppy Writer (Terrorbird/Big Dada) - HH
Chiddy Bang - The Preview (Syndicate/EMI) - HH
Various - Think Out Loud (Tinderbox/Ezekiel)
Lacerda - Epic Pop (Self)
Gold Panda - Lucky Shiner (Terrorbird/Ghostly) - RPM
Three Mile Pilot - The Inevitable Past Is The Future Forgotten (AAM/Temporary Residence)
One Hundred Flowers - Mechanical Bride (Team Clermont/Stern & Leaf) - RPM
Jane Lui - Goodnight Company (Team Clermont) - RPM
The Paperback - Lit From Within (AAM/Parliament Of Trees)
Doko Benjo - I Say Disaster (Self) - HH
Little Beirut - Fear Of Heaven (Tinderbox)
Maridene - Something Like Blood (Vitriol/Amble Down)
Changing Modes - Here (Twin Vision)
Thorcraft Cobra - Thorcraft Cobra (Distiller)
Birds & Batteries - Panorama (Team Clermont/Spune/VBM)
Victoire - Cathedral City (Team Clermont/New Amsterdam)
Jupe Jupe - Invaders (Team Clermont) - RPM
Agent Ribbons - Chateau Crone (Team Clermont/Antenna Farm)
Alessi's Ark - Soul Proprietor EP (Bella Union/Yep Roc)
Sun Airway - Nocturne Of Exploded Crystal Chandelier (Distiller/Dead Oceans)
Trey Green - Trey Green (Bryan Farrish/El Stormo)
Artichoke - Bees (A Man A Plan A Canal)

Replacements this week:
Kopek - White Collar Lies (Team Clermont/Religion) for Bad Books - Please Move (single), Reason: Full length added
Dr. Modern - Electronic Terrestial Landscapes (WBNY) for i.am.angelo - Silhouette [single], Reason: Sampler added

Thanks everyone! Please, if you noticed one of your CDs we are playing is also going for charting in another chart (RPM, Hip-Hop, Triple A, World) and you don't see it on that chart, let me know so I know to include it! Likewise if you notice a CD that doesn't belong. These are new, and I want to get them going well on CMJ by next week!
Have a spooktacular Halloween!

Gregory Burt
91.3 FM WBNY - Music Director
E-mail: wbnymd@gmail.com
Office Hours: Thursdays 12pm-1:30pm, Fridays 3pm-8pm
Office: 716-878-3080

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