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Chart & Update: Nov 23rd, 2010

Hey everybody! :)

Well here it is again, Turkey day, the one day of the year to go out and eat that big turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, you know, all that great stuff. I've got plans with the family and I'm really excited for the stuffing, that's my favorite ^_^ Oh, and I spent last night and some time today (in between work and school) getting my new car stuff figured out and I am officially back on the road! wooo!!!! :D! Feels good to not be biking in this cold anymore. And I'm munching on pecan shortbread cookies and taking it easy this week :P Although I am really excited for The Breathing Tree CD Release Show on Friday! ^_^ I'm so gonna be rocking out! I was also up for a bit at the A Skylit Drive/Motionless In White show at Xtreme Wheels on Sunday and the place was packed! WBNY got some exclusive interviews with all the bands there which was pretty awesome! We'll be hitting up some more shows soon too! :D! (gotta give props to Afton who did all the recording and editing for the show! Thanks for everyone who tuned and called in on Monday when we played it on the air!)

Well, this update is quite short and sweet :) It's Thanksgiving Weekend, we're all taking off and relaxing with the family, so we're making this week easy ^_^
There's no weekly giveaway this week as it's turkey week, we will pick back up next week with some more wonderful prizes, so keep an eye out on facebook.com/wbny913
(ps: if your company would like to toss in a prize for us to giveaway in our weekly giveaways, just let me know and we'll figure out a way to reinburse you!)
and there's not too much going on over here this week, but we're of course continuing to play awesome music for your holiday break!

Keep tuned for some awesome interviews coming up soon like:
11/26 @ 1pm Dividing The Skyline, 2pm The Breathing Tree
11/30 @ 2pm Drink Up Buttercup
12/10 @ 3pm Kingsley Flood

More to come soon :) (believe me, next week's update is going to be a lot more exiciting, lol)

But where we aren't slacking this week, is music and charty goodness!

WBNY top CD's by airplay - November 23rd, 2010
Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label) (Chart History) "Top Tracks"

1. Elliot Smith - An Introduction To... (Terrorbird/Kill Rock Stars) (last week #4, 2nd week on chart) "The Biggest Lie", "Needle In the Hay"
2. Kings Of Leon - Come Around Sundown (RCA) (LW #3, 3rd wk, was #1 Nov 10) "The End", "Radioactive"
3. Bruce Springsteen - The Promise [sampler] (Columbia) (new) "Racing In the Street", "The Brokenhearted"
4. Hellogoodbye - Would It Kill You? (Planetary/Rocket Science) (LW #15, 4th wk) "When We First Met", "Finding Something To Do"
5. Matt & Kim - Sidewalks (Pirate!/Fader Label) (LW #2, 5th wk) "Good For Great", "Block After Block"
6. The Breathing Tree - Let Love Grow [sampler] (WBNY) (LW #6, 2nd wk) "Cue the Story", "398"
7. The Russian Futurists - The Weight's On The Wheels (Terrorbird/Upper Class) (LW #40, 2nd wk) "Hoeing Weeds, Sowing Seeds", "One Night, One Kiss"
8. Elvis Costello - National Ransom (Distiller/Hear) (LW #5, 2nd wk) "National Ransom", "Jimmie Standing In the Rain"
9. 7 Walkers - 7 Walkers (Powderfinger/Response) (LW #13, 2nd wk) "Evangeline", "(For the Love Of) Mr. Okra"
10. Cold War Kids - Louder Than Ever [single] (Syndicate) (LW #57, 2nd wk)
11. Julie The Band - Wild As The Sky EP (Planetary/Baby Bird) (new) "Working For the Wind", "Memories In My Head"
12. Bear Hands - Burning Bush Supper Club (Planetary/Cantora) (LW #1, 3rd wk) "What A Drag", "Belongings"
13. Wolf & Cub - Science And Sorcery (Distiller/Last Gang) (LW #54, 2nd wk) "Seven Sevens", "One To the Other"
14. The Parlotones - Stardust Galaxies (Planetary/Sovereign) (LW #35, 3rd wk) "Push Me To the Floor", "Life Design"
15. Bassnectar - Wildstyle (Distiller) (LW #26, 4th wk) "Underwater", "Falling"
16. Young The Giant - Young The Giant (Pirate!/Roadrunner) (LW #22, 6th wk) "Cough Syrup", "I Got"
17. Chiodos - Illuminaudio (Pirate!/Equal Vision) (LW #51, 5th wk, was #2 Nov 3) "Caves", "Those Who Slay Together..."
18. Weezer - Hurley (Pirate!/Anti-Epitaph) (LW #17, 10th wk) "Memories", "Trainwrecks"
19. In The Presence Of Enemies - Learning Curve (WBNY) (LW #20, 3rd wk) "The Merit Of Construction", "Evian Final"
20. The Boy And His Machine - Count On It! (WBNY) (re-entry, 4th wk) "Straight Through the Night", "Here's To The Good Life"
21. John Lennon - Gimme Some Truth [sampler] (Syndicate) (LW #8, 6th wk, was #2 Nov 10) "Oh Yoko!", "Only People"
22. The Bunny The Bear - The Bunny The Bear (WBNY) (LW #16, 4th wk) "Path", "C'est Pas Si Loin"
23. Daft Punk - Derezzed [single] (Distiller/Walt Disney) (LW #58, 2nd wk)
24. Fistful Of Mercy - As I Call You Down (Pirate!/HOT) (re-entry, 4th wk) "In Vain Or True", "Father's Son"
25. Dameria - Quiet Mouth Loud Hands (WBNY) (new) "The Disillusionist", "Image and Able"
26. Weezer - Death To False Metal/Pinkerton [Deluxe Edition] Sampler (Universal/Geffen) (LW #10, 5th wk) "The Good Life", "Getting Up and Leaving"
27. Social Scientists - Born At Sea (WBNY) (re-entry, 2nd wk) "Hey Starlight", "Born At Sea"
28. Tired Pony - The Place We Ran From (Syndicate/Mom + Pop) (re-entry, 2nd wk) "Northwestern Skies", "That Silver Necklace"
29. Ben Folds/Nick Hornby - Lonely Avenue (Syndicate/Nonesuch) (LW #27, 4th wk) "Doc Pomus", "Your Dogs"
30. Guster - Easy Wonderful (Syndicate) (re-entry, 4th wk) "This Could All Be Yours", "Bad Bad World"
31. Sweatin' Like Nixon - Examining The Rubicon (WBNY) (re-entry, 4th wk) "Inappropriate Mommy", "Examining the Rubicon"
32. Jesse Payne - Nesting (Team Clermont/Capture Music) (new) "Scripting Carolina", "Heavy Cotton Hands"
33. Oceansize - Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up (Syndicate/Superball) (new) "Build Us A Rocket Then", "Pine"
34. Margot & The Nuclear So And So's - Buzzard (Syndicate/Mariel) (re-entry, 2nd wk) "Birds", "Let's Paint Our Teeth Green"
35. Hollerado - Record In A Bag (Pirate!/Royal Mountain) (new) "Juliette", "What's Everything Running For"
36. Oh Land - Oh Land EP (Syndicate/Epic) (new) "Son Of A Gun [Savage Skulls remix]", "White Nights"
37. Moondoggies - Tidelands (AAM/Hardly Art) (re-entry, 2nd wk) "Empress of the North", "Tidelands"
38. Impact! - Positively Pissed EP (WBNY) (new) "Don't Mess This Up", "Hometown Heroes"
39. Stealin' - 13 (WBNY) (LW #41, 6th wk) "Turn Around", "Adams Bone"
40. Mt. Desolation - Mt. Desolation (Interscope) (LW #18, 2nd wk) "Departure", "Another Night On My Side"
41. Catherine Holder - Catherine Holder (Tinderbox) (new) "Mexico", "Frenzy"
42. Mini Mansions - Mini Mansions (AAM/Ipecac) (new) "The Room Outside", "Crime Of the Season"
43. An American Skyline - ...Let The Story Begin (WBNY) (LW #9, 3rd wk) "Backseat Romance", "Hey Jamie"
44. Never Shout Never - Harmony (Loveway) (re-entry, 3rd wk) "Piggy Bank", "Lovesick"
45. The Rack & Ruin - Dogs That Stray (WBNY) (LW #39, 2nd wk) "Safe Ground", "7-Alarm House Fire"
46. Sufjan Stevens - The Age Of Adz (Team Clermont/Asthmatic Kitty) (LW #19, 3rd wk) "I Walked", "Too Much"
47. The Decemberists - Down By The Water [single] (Capitol) (new)
48. Sample The Martian - Self Made Loner (Bryan Farrish/Galactic Dust) (new) "Battle In My Mind", "Trak-Tohr Behme"
49. Belle & Sebastian - Write About Love (Matador) (re-entry, 4th wk) "I Want The World To Stop", "I Didn't See It Coming"
50. Serj Tankian - Imperfect Harmonies (AmanAplanAcanal/Reprise) (re-entry, 4th wk) "Disowned Inc.", "Peace Be Revenged"
Ed Hines Band - Danger Love (WBNY) (new) "Space Man", "Cindy Said"
N*E*R*D - Nothing (Interscope) (LW #12, 2nd wk) "Nothing On You", "Hypnotize U"
Neil Young - Le Noise (AmanAplanAcanal/Reprise) (LW #49, 6th wk) "Peaceful Valley Boulevard", "Love and War"
Meg & Dia - It's Always Stormy In Tilamook (Self) (re-entry, 3rd wk) "The One", "Dreams Like Oceans"
One Hundred Flowers - Mechanical Bride (Team Clermont/Stern & Leaf) (new) "These Gears", "Hey, Emile!"
Anchorage, Nebraska - Sampler (WBNY) (re-entry, 3rd wk) "Soda Pop", "Ain't That Bad"
Voltaire Twins - Voltaire Twins (Planetary) (new) "D.I.L.", "London"
Lacerda - Epic Pop (Self) (LW #53, 3rd wk) "Southern Hospitality", "Sweating Bullets"
Robyn - Body Talk (Konichiwa) (new) "In My Eyes", "Include Me Out"
Simian Mobile Disco - Delicacies (Distiller) (new) "Skin Cracker", "Hal Karl"

WBNY top tracks by airplay - November 23rd, 2010
Artist(s) - Song Title (Chart History)

1. Cold War Kids - Louder Than Ever (Last Week #14, 2nd wk on chart)
2. Daft Punk - Derezzed (LW #13, 2nd wk)
3. Breathing Tree - Cue the Story (LW #4, 2nd wk)
4. Bruce Springsteen - Racing In the Street (highest debut)
5. The Decemberists - Down By the Water (debut)
6. Kings Of Leon - The End (after 2 wks at #1, 3rd wk)
7. HotChaCha - Traffic (debut)
8. The Russian Futurists - Hoeing Weeds, Sowing Seeds (debut)
9. Shadows Of the Past - Deliverance (LW #7, 3rd wk)
10. Hellogoodbye - When We First Met (LW #8, 3rd wk)
11. Kings Of Leon - Radioactive (debut; only band with 2 tracks on WBNY 25 this wk)
12. Fistful Of Mercy - In Vain Or True (re-entry, 2nd wk)
13. Julie the Band - Working For the Wind (debut)
14. Elliott Smith - Ballad Of Big Nothing (LW #11, 2nd wk)
15. The Damned Things - We've Got A Situation Here (LW #6, 3rd wk)
16. Elvis Costello - National Ransom (LW #23, 2nd wk)
17. The Rack & Ruin - Safe Ground (debut)
18. Chiodos - Caves (re-entry, 4th wk)
19. Jesse Payne - Scripting Carolina (debut)
20. Weezer - Memories (re-entry, 10th wk - most weeks on chart, was #1 Oct 27)
21. Wolf & Cub - Seven Sevens (debut)
22. Catherine Holder - Mexico (debut)
23. Bikini - American Mourning (debut)
24. Bassnectar - Underwater (LW #18, 3rd wk)
25. Evolett - The Compromise (debut)

Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label)

1. Bruce Springsteen - The Promise [sampler] (Columbia)
2. Elvis Costello - National Ransom (Distiller/Hear)
3. Julie The Band - Wild As The Sky EP (Planetary/Baby Bird)
4. John Lennon - Gimme Some Truth [sampler] (Syndicate)
5. Fistful Of Mercy - As I Call You Down (Pirate!/HOT)
6. Catherine Holder - Catherine Holder (Tinderbox)
7. The Decemberists - Down By The Water [single] (Capitol)
8. Belle & Sebastian - Write About Love (Matador)
9. Neil Young - Le Noise (AmanAplanAcanal/Reprise)
10. Meg & Dia - It's Always Stormy In Tilamook (Self)
Aaron Thompson - Aaron Thompson (Tinderbox/Sockets)
The Extra Lens - Undercard (Merge)

Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label)

1. The Russian Futurists - The Weight's On The Wheels (Terrorbird/Upper Class)
2. Bassnectar - Wildstyle (Distiller)
3. Daft Punk - Derezzed [single] (Distiller/Walt Disney)
4. Oh Land - Oh Land EP (Syndicate/Epic)
5. Sufjan Stevens - The Age Of Adz (Team Clermont/Asthmatic Kitty)
6. Sample The Martian - Self Made Loner (Bryan Farrish/Galactic Dust)
7. One Hundred Flowers - Mechanical Bride (Team Clermont/Stern & Leaf)
8. Voltaire Twins - Voltaire Twins (Planetary)
9. Robyn - Body Talk (Konichiwa)
10. Simian Mobile Disco - Delicacies (Distiller)
Flying Lotus - Patter+Grid World (Terrorbird)
Dubs - Skipping Stones (WBNY)

Hip Hop
Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label)

1. Sample The Martian - Self Made Loner (Bryan Farrish/Galactic Dust)
2. N*E*R*D - Nothing (Interscope)
3. Tricky - Mixed Race (AAM/Domino)
4. Dubs - Skipping Stones (WBNY)
5. John Gillette - All Bad (Mia Mind/Megastar)
6. Lyrics Born - As U Were (Co-Sign/Decon)
7. Chiddy Bang - The Preview (Syndicate/EMI)
8. John Legend & The Roots - Wake Up! (Syndicate/Columbia)
9. Chae Hawk - The Pregame (mixtape) (WBNY)
10. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Record Collection (Sony Music)
Roots Manuva meets Wrong Tom - Duppy Writer (Terrorbird/Big Dada)
Various - Night Owls 5 (Co-Sign/Syntax)

Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label)

1. The Parlotones - Stardust Galaxies (Planetary/Sovereign)
2. E.Z. Riders - Long Way From Home (Trilogy/Mousemen)
3. Dungen - Skit I Allt (Kemado)
4. Toussaint - Black Gold (Tinderbox/I Grade Records)

Adds this week:
Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label) - Additional Charting (HH-hiphop, RPM-rpm, LOC-local, WO-world, AAA-triple a)

Here Come The Comets - That Good Ol Fashioned Sin Vol 1 (WBNY) - LOC
Black Umbrella - Bermuda Pink Triangle Pt 2 & 3 (WBNY) - LOC
The Etchings - Sketchings (WBNY) - LOC
Rouzat - Sampler (WBNY) - LOC
Cold Coffee Stain - Sampler (WBNY) - LOC
M. Stevens - The Lyrics Lounge (WBNY) - LOC/HH
Bruce Springsteen - The Promise (Columbia) - AAA
Cage The Elephant - Shake Me Down [single] (Syndicate/Jive)
Bedouin Soundclash - Mountain Top [single] (Distiller)
Commerce - The Things I Say Vs. The Things I Mean (Pirate!)
The Parting Gifts - Strychnine Dandelion (Terrorbird/In The Red)
Japandroids - Heavenward Grand Prix (Polyvinyl)
Deerhoof/Physical Forms - Hoofdriver (Polyvinyl)
Wormburner - Bells Of St. Ignatius (Self/Dive)
Stereo Alligator - Overrated (Self) - RPM
Whitey Morgan & The 78's - Whitey Morgan & The 78's (Bloodshot) - AAA
Various - Tradi Mods Vs Rockers (Distiller/Crammed Discs) - WO
Dieantwoord - $0$ (AAM/Interscope) - RPM/HH
The Naked & Famous - Passive Me Aggressive You (Syndicate) - RPM
Jamaica - Cross The Fader (Pirate!/Cooperative)
Botany - Feeling Today (Terrorbird/Western Vinyl) - RPM
Rad Omen - Search Party And Destroy (Distiller) - RPM
Nitzer Ebb - Industrial Complex (Planetary/Artists' Addicition) - RPM
Jaswho? - Nudriod Music (Co-Sign/Temple) - RPM
Audio Bullys - Higher Than The Effiel (Lift/The End) - RPM
Danielle Barbe - Danielle Barbe (Planetary)
Key To The Midway - Key To The Midway (Tinderbox)
Crushed Stars - Convalescing In Braille (Fanatic/Simulacra)
Lavinia - There Is Light Between Us (Mylene Sheath)
A Wish For Fire - Sight Unseen (Planetary)
Downside Joyride - Long Way Home (Self) - AAA
Orange Juice - Coals To Newcastle (AAM/Domino)
Peter Buzzelle - To Telescope (Planetary)
Afrocubism - Afrocubism (AmanAplanAcanal/Nonesuch) - WO
Various - Live Sessions From CJSW 90.9 FM Now With More Music (AAM/CJSW)


1-10 Steve Ouimette - Epic (Sumthing Else), for Bruce Springsteen - The Promise [sampler], Reason: Full Length Added

Go get your belly full! :)


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