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Chart & Update: Nov 30th, 2010

Hey everyone,

I had a wonderful weekend, I have to say sleeping in for 10 hours a couple days in a row is great once in a while xP I got my new car on the road now, and I've got my own music promotion up and running at inciteariot.org/promo ^_^ Pretty snazzy stuff, hehe. I also got a big hint (as my parents were asking me to pick find it for them) that I'm getting a new DJ controller for Christmas from Santa!!! ^_^ Wewt wewt! I can start spinning some tunes out again :P
>WBNY has picked right back up as well, the newest project we are starting to work on is making song IDs to be played with each song on the computer. Set-up has begun, and it should start up by the end of the year (fingers crossed) as a wonderful gift to all your listeners out there! (this means when our computer is playing music, an automated voice will say the artist and song title after each song that plays! It's going to take us a lot of work to keep up with all the new music we switch up, but it should be really neat!) And we've got a wonderful giveaway this week for everyone too!

We are giving away a pair of tickets to see:
Affiance (CD RELEASE SHOW), Memphis May Fire, Amarna Reign, Destruction of a Rose, Tides of Antioch, With Life Comes Death, In Last Hopes
Sunday December 5th @ X-treme Wheels, 356 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, New York
Doors at 5pm | All Ages | Tickets on sale now at all Ticketweb locations including ticketweb.com
(thanks to Bullet Tooth)
Also, for those who don't win our grand prize, we've got CDs from Drink Up Buttercup & Jukebox The Ghost (who both opened for Ra Ra Riot earlier today in town!)
(thanks to Yep Roc)
Just shoot an e-mail over to: wbnysweepstakes@gmail.com with your full name, contact e-mail, and your favorite food you ate on Thanksgiving this year for your chance to win! :)
Winners will be notified through e-mail by December 4th :)

Check out the new interviews up for download now on our website with Drink Up Buttercup, Jukebox The Ghost, & Hot Cha Cha! :)

Also, tune in for some awesome interviews coming up on WBNY!
12/2 @ 6pm - Whitey Morgan & the 78s
12/3 @ 2:30 The Long Cold Dark, 4:00 Aaron + Andrew
12/6 @ 1:30pm Affiance & Memphis May Fire (recording at Xtreme Wheels the night before)
12/10 @ 1pm Venona & Keeping Quiet, 3pm Kingsley Flood

Onto the charts! :)

WBNY top tracks by airplay - November 30th, 2010
artist(s) - song title (chart history)

1. Bruce Springsteen - Racing In the Street (last week #4, 2nd week on chart)
2. The Decemberists - Down By the Water (LW #5, 2nd wk)
3. Cold War Kids - Louder Than Ever (LW #1, 3rd wk)
4. Breathing Tree - Cue the Story (LW #3, 3rd wk)
5. HotChaCha - Traffic (LW #7, 2nd wk)
6. Daft Punk - Derezzed (LW #2, 3rd wk)
7. Breathing Tree - 398 (re-entry, 2nd wk)
8. Hellogoodbye - When We First Met (LW #10, 4th wk)
9. Kings Of Leon - Radioactive (LW #11, 2nd wk)
10. Fistful Of Mercy - In Vain Or True (LW #12, 3rd wk)
11. Jamaica - When Do You Wanna Stop Working? (highest debut)
12. The Russian Futurists - Hoeing Weeds, Sowing Seeds (LW #8, 2nd wk)
13. Bedouin Soundclash - Mountain Top (debut)
14. Julie the Band - Working For the Wind (LW #13, 2nd wk)
15. John Lennon & Yoko Ono - (Just Like) Starting Over (debut)
16. Animal Collective - Quick As White (debut; from Tradi- Mods vs. Rockers)
17. Elliott Smith - Ballad Of Big Nothing (LW #14, 3rd wk)
18. Here Come the Comets - Jagged Teeth (debut)
19. Peter Rabbit - Older Brother (debut; from Kanine Records Sampler)
20. Guster - This Could All Be Yours (debut)
21. An American Skyline - Backseat Romance (re-entry, 3rd wk)
22. Slow Dancing Society - The Songs In Your Eyes (debut)
23. Kings Of Leon - The End (LW #6, 4th wk, was #1 Nov 10, 17)
24. Shadows Of the Past - Deliverance (LW #9, 4th wk)
25. Jesse Payne - Scripting Carolina (LW #19, 2nd wk)

WBNY top CD's by airplay - November 30th, 2010
artist(s) - album (Promotion Company/Record Label) (Chart History) "Top Tracks"

1. Bruce Springsteen - The Promise (Columbia) (last week #3, 2nd week on chart) "Racing In the Street", "Spanish Eyes"
2. Weezer - Death To False Metal/Pinkerton [Deluxe Edition] Sampler (Universal/Geffen) (LW #26, 6th wk) "Autopilot", "Everyone"
3. The Breathing Tree - Let Love Grow [sampler] (WBNY) (LW #6, 3rd wk) "398", "Cue the Story"
4. Julie The Band - Wild As The Sky EP (Planetary/Baby Bird) (LW #11, 2nd wk) "Memories In My Head", "Perfect Match"
5. Matt & Kim - Sidewalks (Pirate!/Fader Label) (LW #5, 6th wk) "Good For Great", "Cameras"
6. N*E*R*D - Nothing (Interscope) (LW #52, 3rd wk) "Hypnotize U", "Life As a Fish"
7. Kings Of Leon - Come Around Sundown (RCA) (LW #2, 4th wk, was #1 Nov 10) "The End", "Radioactive"
8. Elliot Smith - An Introduction To... (Terrorbird/Kill Rock Stars) (LW #1, 3rd wk) "Waltz #2", "Alameda"
9. Hellogoodbye - Would It Kill You? (Planetary/Rocket Science) (LW #4, 5th wk) "Finding Something To Do", "When We First Met"
10. The Decemberists - Down By The Water [single] (Capitol) (LW #47, 2nd wk)
11. Jimkata - Ghosts & Killers (WBNY/JGold Entertainment) (re-entry, 2nd wk) "Roll With the Punches", "Concrete Beatdown"
12. Fistful Of Mercy - As I Call You Down (Pirate!/HOT) (LW #24, 5th wk) "Father's Son", "With Whom You Belong"
13. The Parlotones - Stardust Galaxies (Planetary/Sovereign) (LW #14, 4th wk) "Life Design", "Remember When"
14. Mista Perez - Sessions EP (WBNY) (new) "Making Me Hot", "Ain't No One Next"
15. Simian Mobile Disco - Delicacies (Distiller) (LW #60, 2nd wk) "Aspic", "Hal Karl"
16. Guster - Easy Wonderful (Syndicate) (LW #30, 5th wk) "This Could All Be Yours", "To Have A Broken Heart"
17. Elvis Costello - National Ransom (Distiller/Hear) (LW #8, 3rd wk) "Jimmie Standing In the Rain", "A Slow Drag With Josephine"
18. Donna The Buffalo - Silverlined (WBNY/Sugar Hill) (re-entry, 3rd wk) "Garden Of Eden", "Locket And Key"
19. The Boy And His Machine - Count On It! (WBNY) (LW #20, 5th wk) "Watch Your Back", "Straight Through the Night"
20. Anchorage, Nebraska - Sampler (WBNY) (LW #56, 4th wk) "Soda Pop", "Who Loves the Sun"
21. Social Scientists - Born At Sea (WBNY) (LW #27, 3rd wk) "Born At Sea", "Further"
22. Dameria - Quiet Mouth Loud Hands (WBNY) (LW #25, 2nd wk) "Nailbiter", "The Disillusionist"
23. Trey Green - Trey Green (Bryan Farrish/El Stormo) (re-entry, 3rd wk) "My Fantastic Ass", "Go Away"
24. Young The Giant - Young The Giant (Pirate!/Roadrunner) (LW #16, 6th wk) "My Body", "12 Fingers"
25. John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Double Fantasy Stripped Down (Capitol) (new) "Starting Over", "I'm Losing You"
26. Voltaire Twins - Voltaire Twins (Planetary) (LW #57, 2nd wk) "Cabin Fever", "D.I.L."
27. Wolf & Cub - Science And Sorcery (Distiller/Last Gang) (LW #13, 3rd wk) "The Loosest Of Gooses", "Burden"
28. John Schmitt - Ophelia (WBNY) (new) "So We Sing", "Two Souls"
29. Cold War Kids - Louder Than Ever [single] (Syndicate) (LW #10, 3rd wk)
30. The Russian Futurists - The Weight's On The Wheels (Terrorbird/Upper Class) (LW #7, 3rd wk) "To Be Honest", "Hoeing Weeds, Sowing Seeds"
31. The White Buffalo - Prepare For Black & Blue (Planetary/Ruff Studio) (new) "John Jameson", "Love Song #2"
32. The Mixtape - Car Wrecks & Hospitals (WBNY/JACT) (new) "After Midnight the Trouble Begins", "Love Is the Movement"
33. Mt. Desolation - Mt. Desolation (Interscope) (LW #40, 3rd wk) "Departure", "Annie Ford"
34. Meg & Dia - It's Always Stormy In Tilamook (Self) (LW #54, 4th wk) "My Ugly Mouth", "The One"
35. Here Come The Comets - That Good Ol Fashioned Sin Vol 1 (WBNY) (new) "Jagged Teeth", "Whaddya Say"
36. Norah Jones - ...Featuring (EMI/Blue Tone) (new) "More Than This", "Little Lou, Prophet Jack, Ugly John"
37. Flying Lotus - Patter+Grid World (Terrorbird) (re-entry, 4th wk) "Camera Day", "Kill Your Co-Workers"
38. Evolett - For Your Consideration (Planetary/End Sounds) (new) "Silent Illusion", "The Compromise"
39. Cyndi Lauper - Memphis Blues (Planetary/Mercer Street) (re-entry, 3rd wk) "How Blue Can You Get", "Down Don't Bother Me"
40. Bassnectar - Wildstyle (Distiller) (LW #15, 5th wk) "Underwater", "The 808 Track"
41. An American Skyline - ...Let The Story Begin (WBNY) (LW #43, 4th wk) "Backseat Romance", "Hey Jamie"
42. Elsa - Le Disc (WBNY) (new) "Under the Moon", "The Creator Of Shapes"
43. Eric Clapton - Clapton (Reprise) (re-entry, 4th wk) "Travelin' Alone", "River Runs Deep"
44. Jamaica - Cross The Fader (Pirate!/Cooperative) (new) "When Do You Wanna Stop Working", "Cross the Fader"
45. Rogue Valley - The Bookseller's House (Tinderbox) (new) "Rose Festival", "The Color Wheel"
46. Die Antwoord - $0$ (AAM/Interscope) (new) "In Your Face", "Wat Kyk Jy"
47. Jesse Payne - Nesting (Team Clermont/Capture Music) (LW #32, 2nd wk) "Heavy Cotton Hands", "Scripting Carolina"
48. Various - Kanine Record Sampler (Kanine) (new) "Older Brother", "Take It Easy"
49. Mini Mansions - Mini Mansions (AAM/Ipecac) (LW #42, 2nd wk) "Majik Marker", "The Room Outside"
50. Various - Night Owls 5 (Co-Sign/Syntax) (new) "Get Right", "Words"
The Philistines Jr. - If A Band Plays In The Woods...? (Syndicate/Tarquin) (re-entry, 2nd wk) "My Brother Tom the Green Beret", "The Bus Stop Song"
Lacerda - Epic Pop (Self) (LW #58, 4th wk) "Oh My Dear", "Southern Hospitality"
Various - 50 Years Of Dr.Martens (Distiller/Dr.Martens) (re-entry, 3rd wk) "Things That Dreams Are Made Of", "Dirty Old Town"
Never Shout Never - Harmony (Loveway) (LW #44, 4th wk) "Piggy Bank", "Lovesick"
Ben Folds/Nick Hornby - Lonely Avenue (Syndicate/Nonesuch) (LW #29, 5th wk) "Your Dogs", "Doc Pomus"
The Naked & Famous - Passive Me Aggressive You (Syndicate) (new) "Punching In a Dream", "The Sun"
Streight Angular - After And Before (Pirate!/Polk) (new) "Dance To the Beat Of...", "Girl With A Tambourine"
The Autumn Defense - Once Around (AmanAplanAcanal/Yep Roc) (re-entry, 3rd wk) "Back Of My Mind", "There Will Always Be A Way"
Venona - Sampler (WBNY) (re-entry, 5th wk) "A Room With A View", "Define Me"
Toussaint - Black Gold (Tinderbox/I Grade Records) (new) "Nobody Knows", "Look Up"

Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label)

1. Bruce Springsteen - The Promise (Columbia)
2. Julie The Band - Wild As The Sky EP (Planetary/Baby Bird)
3. The Decemberists - Down By The Water [single] (Capitol)
4. Fistful Of Mercy - As I Call You Down (Pirate!/HOT)
5. Elvis Costello - National Ransom (Distiller/Hear)
6. John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Double Fantasy Stripped Down (Capitol)
7. John Schmitt - Ophelia (WBNY)
8. The White Buffalo - Prepare For Black & Blue (Planetary/Ruff Studio)
9. Meg & Dia - It's Always Stormy In Tilamook (Self)
10. Norah Jones - ...Featuring (EMI/Blue Tone)
Eric Clapton - Clapton (Reprise)
Rogue Valley - The Bookseller's House (Tinderbox)

Hip Hop
Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label)

1. N*E*R*D - Nothing (Interscope)
2. Die Antwoord - $0$ (AAM/Interscope)
3. Various - Night Owls 5 (Co-Sign/Syntax)
4. Dubs - Skipping Stones (WBNY)
5. Mark Ronson & The Business Intl - Record Collection (Sony Music)
6. Tricky - Mixed Race (AAM/Domino)
7. Lyrics Born - As U Were (Co-Sign/Decon)
8. Method Of Defiance - Jahbulon (Co-Sign/M.O.D.)
9. Chae Hawk - The Pregame (mixtape) (WBNY)
10. Dani J - Welcome To My World (WBNY)
Chiddy Bang - The Preview (Syndicate/EMI)
Salem - King Night (Terrorbird/IAMSOUND)

Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label)

1. Mista Perez - Sessions EP (WBNY)
2. Simian Mobile Disco - Delicacies (Distiller)
3. Voltaire Twins - Voltaire Twins (Planetary)
4. The Russian Futurists - The Weight's On The Wheels (Terrorbird/Upper Class)
5. Bassnectar - Wildstyle (Distiller)
6. Die Antwoord - $0$ (AAM/Interscope)
7. Various - Night Owls 5 (Co-Sign/Syntax)
8. The Naked & Famous - Passive Me Aggressive You (Syndicate)
9. Daft Punk - Derezzed [single] (Distiller/Walt Disney)
10. i.am.angelo - Sampler (WBNY)
Robyn - Body Talk (Konichiwa)
Dubs - Skipping Stones (WBNY)

Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label)

1. The Parlotones - Stardust Galaxies (Planetary/Sovereign)
2. Toussaint - Black Gold (Tinderbox/I Grade Records)
3. E.Z. Riders - Long Way From Home (Trilogy/Mousemen)
4. Various - Tradi Mods Vs Rockers (Distiller/Crammed Discs)
5. Afrocubism - Afrocubism (AmanAplanAcanal/Nonesuch)
6. Dungen - Skit I Allt (Kemado)

Adds this week:
Artist(s) - Album (Promotion Company/Record Label) - additional charting: LOC-local, RPM-rpm, HH-hiphop, WO-world, AAA-triplea

The Breathing Tree - Let Love Grow (Incite A Riot/WBNY) - LOC
The Long Cold Dark - The Long Cold Dark (WBNY) - LOC
Such Gold - Pedestals (AAM/WBNY/6131) - LOC
Freebass - It's A Beautiful Life (Team Clermont/24 Hour Service)
Royksopp - Senior (Planetary/MB3) - RPM
Air Traffic Controller - The One (Planetary/Sugarpop) - AAA
Tony Cook - Back To Reality (Stones Throw) - RPM
Stereolab - Not Music (Drag City) - RPM
For All Those Sleeping - Cross Your Fingers (Fearless)
Freelance Whales - Weathervanes (Tell All Your Friends)
The Hush Now - On Holiday [single] (Pirate!)
Gospel Claws - Like A Friend [single] (Self)
Sharon Van Etten - I'm Giving Up On You (Polyvinyl) - AAA
The Phenomenal Handclap Band - Remixes (Terrorbird/Friendly Fire)
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - Northern Aggression (Yep Roc)
Maryanna Sokol - Landfill (Tinderbox) - AAA
Nightmares For A Week - Don't Die (AAM/Academy Fight Song)
Sam Humans/The Heligoats - Live Free & Let Loose (Team Clermont/Greyday)
Gangrene - Gutter Water (Co-Sign/Decon) - HH
Lauren Strange - The Strange EP (Tinderbox) - AAA
Justin Kline - Triangle/Six Songs (Tinderbox/Wonderful and Strange) - AAA
Soft Circle - Shore Obsessed (AAM/Post Present Medium)
Various - Friends & Friends of Friends III (Distiller/Tender Loving Empire)
Generationals - Trust EP (Pirate!/ParkTheVan)
Mariage Blanc - Mariage Blanc (Team Clermont)
Lonnie Walker - These Times Old TImes (Team Clermont/Diggup Tapes)
Mystery Jets - Serotonin (Rough Trade)
Fall Back Plan - Dance In the Reign (Legend Factory)
Niki Becker - Good (Tinderbox) - AAA
Kristy Hanson - This Christmas (Relay)
Cahill - Where We Go From Here (Tinderbox) - AAA
Chad Valley - Chad Valley EP (Terrorbird)
Animate Objects - High Notes For Low Lifes (Tinderbox) - HH
Velella Velella - Atlantis Massif (Distiller) - RPM
Noodle Muffin - Time To Retox (Fyoog)

Replacements this week:
Divide The Skyline - Sampler (WBNY) - LOC, for The Breathing Tree - Let Love Grow [sampler], Reason: full length added

Have a good week everyone! Hope you're ready for December! :)


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