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Online CD Tracking:
Want to see if we've recieved and are playing your CD?
Check out our current online documents to find out (on GoogleDocs)!

CDs currently getting played (Top 200 Tracking)

Top 200 Chart History

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RPM Chart History

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Hip Hop Chart History

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Recieved CDs from last 30 days

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-More information about online tracking is available at the bottom of this page-

Our Board
General Manager - Nick Stutzman

Program Director - Megan Jones

Music Director - Amber Llano Nigro

Secretary - Caitlin Goodrich

Promotions Director - Trever Dugan

Treasurer - Brian Mcdermott

Production Director - Scott Gattie

Underwriting Director - Nicole Styliades

All Talk Monday Coordinator - Ryan Howze

Sports Director - Sam Mines

News Director - Amanda Matthews

Webmaster - Megan Jones

RPM Director - Amber Llano Nigro

Hip-Hop Director - Amber Llano Nigro

World Director - Scott Gattie

Loud Rock Director - Amber Llano Nigro

Folk Director - Amber Llano

Local Music Director - Michael Moretti

Station Engineer - Paul Smith
(716) 878-4291

Faculty Advisor - Tom McCray
(716) 878-6812

Rotation and Online Tracking information

Playing/Charting file explaination: The 'Recieved CDs' files only lists the CDs that come in mail for us (not digital submissions). Listed to the far right on the 'Playing/Charting Files' is the chart history (so far) of the CD. A number represents it’s position on the chart that week, a ‘c’ represents it was close to charting (positions 1-50 on the chart will have their corresponding number, positions 51-60 recieve a 'c'), and a ‘n’ represents it didn’t chart that week.
If we are missing information on any CD(s), feel free to let me know and I’ll fill it in, or if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let me know! If ‘WBNY’ is listed as the ‘Promotion Company’, that means it is a Local Artist (from Western New York) that we are supporting by playing their CD. (We LOVE local music!)
35 CDs are added each week from what we receive, when added, each CD will generally be played regularly for 8 weeks. The CDs that get the top plays (mostly decided from what our DJs choose to play on their show(s), but also influenced by what is randomly played on the computer (everything from our Rotation Section and some local artists are on there) when there isn’t any show going on) will show up on the chart in order of plays (also listed on the weekly charts are the top songs being played off the CDs).
A CD may have it’s spot replaced in ‘Rotation’ by another CD going for adds typically only if the songs on it are also on another release that was added (usually happens with singles or samplers), but can also be replaced for other reasons too. This means the CD replaced will no longer be played, and the CD put in it’s spot will by played regularly for the amount of weeks that the CD taken out had left in ‘Rotation’ (not the full 8 weeks). If a ‘R’ is next to the add date in the file, that means it was a ‘Replacement’ thus it is getting played, but not for the full 8 weeks.
For the specialty charts (Hip Hip, World, Loud Rock, & RPM), each CD added that counts for another chart will be included in their additional tracking document(s). Location on these charts is also determined on play, it is just narrowed down to just the CDs counting for each type of music.
After a CD drops out of ‘Rotation’ (normal play), it is moved into our ‘New School’ section, where it is available for DJs to play on their show if they choose to, but it is no longer able to chart. If it is an artist from Western New York, it is moved to our 'Local' section and will still get some play. All the CDs in ‘Rotation’ are also available on the hard drive on our computer, so DJs may easily find a CD and song if they would like to play it, or it is requested (Request line number: (716) 878-5104, feel free to tell people to call in anytime).

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