Students that have been sanctioned by Buffalo State College can be refereed to complete community service hours for the Weigel Health Promotions department. All of the rules and responsibilities of a volunteer stands for a student that has been sanctioned.

In addition a sanctioned student must:

  • Have a referral from Judicial to Weigel Health Promotions
  • Contact and meet with Paula A. Madrigal
  • Fill out and submit the Weigel Health Promotions Application Form
  • Review all information on the Buffalo State College website for the following departments:
  • Read the Marketing Rules and Regulations
  • Submit the community service form each and every time service hours are completed
  • Take and submit photos to Paula Madrigal of all work that is completed for the office each and every time (the same day)
  • Respond promptly to all communication especially e-mails and voicemail/messages
  • Show up on time and dressed appropriately for the assigned tasks
  • Communicate any questions, concerns or issues with either Paula Madrigal or Tammy Kresge
  • Complete a 3 page paper (minimum) at the end of the hours describing their experience with the weigel health promotions office
    Please include the following in your paper:
    • What your initial thoughts were about the experience
    • Do you feel like you were treated with respect
    • What tasks were you assigned and completed from our office
    • What workshops, programs, and/or events did you participate in and/or promote?
      What were your thoughts about them?
    • What would you change if anything?
    • How (if at all) do you believe this experience has helped you?