Meet the Buffalo State Peer Educators

Fall 2013

Kristy Bigouetee

Hello! My name is Kristy Bigouette. I am a recent graduate of the Master’s program in Higher Education Student Affairs Administration here at Buffalo State.  I chose to work for Health Promotions because I believe that everyone should have access to information we provide. By being informed about the various issues we cover here at Health promotions, students can make more informed decisions that will affect their lives for the better. I genuinely love helping people and being part of the Health promotions team allows me to do just that. Someday I would love to work in a college doing student activities, academic advising or offering counseling services. Things I like to do in my free time include camping, going to see stand-up comedy and attending live music shows. #TaskList


Alexa Shelansky

Hello, my name is Alexa Shelansky! I am currently a senior at Buffalo State and am from Long Island. I am a social work major and gender studies minor.  Upon graduating in May 2014, I will be attending graduate school to get my Master’s degree in social work. I chose to intern at Weigel Health Promotions because I love to plan and organize events, especially for my peers. I spent my summer helping plan events for New York Presbyterian hospital. I think it is great how Health Promotions promotes serious, important topics in a fun, friendly way. One fun fact about me is that I met both my favorite singer and author. (Justin Timberlake and Jodi Picoult) #SuitandTie


Khadijah King

Ello (in my best British accent) I was named Khadijah King and surprisingly I’ll still answer you if you call me that around campus. I am a junior Arts and Letters major here at Buffalo State with concentrations in Theatre and English. Nerd much? Upon graduation, I will be going to graduate school to pursue a degree in Higher Education because I would love to work on college campuses writing, scripting, and choreographing skits, shows, and plays or developing different mentoring programs to aid in the success of college students. Working in Health Promotions has given me the chance to do everything that I love; writing, casting, performing, and ultimately being a creative being. A little known fun fact about myself is that I am a chess guru :) Let’s play, I’ll win! I’ll do myself a favor and name myself Miss Crafty Pants of Health Promotions. Over & out #ByeFelicia


Lazarus Lynch

My name is Lazarus Lynch. I am a Sophomore Dietetics and Nutrition major. I want to work at Health Promotions this year to use my talents to share the message of health with my peers. Upon graduation, I want to be a leader in the effort to eradicate global world hunger and promote healthy eating in America. I am learning the power of saying NO!! #WereAllDifferent


Veronica Ponce

Well hello there, I’m Veronica Ponce but I also go by V, Vero, or Vern! I am a junior here at Buffalo State and majoring in Media Production. Hopefully after leaving this fine establishment I will be interning at SONY Studios or even PIXAR. My dream is to be a video editor in big time films…maybe win an Oscar or two. I chose to be a part of the Health Promotions team because I’ve always loved their message; “Do Your Part.” I’m always trying to make the world around me as beautiful as I want it to be. HP and I were meant be. I also get to practice my videography skill here which is AWESOME! Want to know something fun? I am also known as the Sex Goddess of Porter Hall. I know all the facts, statistics, everything you’d want to know. Come see me if you have any questions. ;-) #HiVernisha

Spring 2013

Kristy Bigouette
Senior Graduate Assistant

My name is Kristy Bigouette and I am the Senior Graduate Assistant at Weigel Health promotions office. The reason I chose health promotions is that I love to help people learn about ways to take care of themsleves and others. Being healthy and feeling good about yourself affects everything that you do. I like how health promotions focuses on the student as a whole being encorporating aspects of mind, body and spirit. After graduation I would like to work at a college doing student activities, academic advising or offering counseling services.

Fun fact: I love going to music festivals and camping!

Roxanne Cuebas
Graduate Assistant for Events and Logistics

My name is Roxanne Cuebas. I graduated from Buffalo State College with my Bachelors Degree in Health Wellness in August 2012. I am currently working on my Masters Degree at Buffalo State College in the Public Administrations Program. I chose to work for the Weigel Health Promotions office because I have previous experience here as a volunteer and intern. This job gives me the opportunity to be creative and come up with new, different, and exciting ideas. I enjoy the promotion aspect of health especially on this campus because it gives me the chance to get involved with the other students and raise awareness on important health topics. A few outside activities I am a part of would be my bowling league and I am a member of The Colorful Minds Foundation. Our mission is to end the stigma associated with Mental Illnesses. After graduation I would like to find the ideal career job, preferably in the Health Field. By then I will be ready for the next chapter to start.

Kevin Ward
Graduate Assistant for Assessment and Accreditation

My name is Kevin Ward and I am the Graduate Assistant for Assessment and Accreditation. This is my second year working here at Health Promotions. I chose to come back because I had so much fun working here as an Undergrad and I believe the work we do is extremely important to the student body and equally appreciated. 
After graduation I hope to continue working in Higher Education, preferably in Academic Affairs or as a faculty member. 

Fun Fact: Hardcore Country Line Dancer

Dixie Hunter
Peer Educator-Social Work Intern

Hello, my name is Dixie - I am a Social Work Major and this is my senior year. After graduating, I want to celebrate by relaxing! But more importantly I would like to continue the growth of the community programs I am working on and make a positive difference by opening a nonprofit community outreach program.  I chose Weigel Health Promotions because it gathered the pieces of my career interests and life's passions, and blended them into one. I've always been interested in the health field, but I'm too emotional to do surgery. Above all, I live to create change! I am not President Obama, but it takes a small notion, coupled with great effort to positively affect others.


John MacInnes
Peer Educator-Social Media & Marketing

Hi! My name is John- I am a senior in the Fine Arts department graduating this May and plan to go on to study Student Affairs for graduate school. I have been a resident assistant for three years, in the resident life office as well as working for orientation as an orientation leader. I am from the Town of Tonawanda graduating from Kenmore East before coming to Buffalo state. I chose to work in Weigel Health Promotions because I love coming up with ideas and drawing sketches for advertising, and what better way to do what I love than work at a job where I can share my passion.

Derick James Sherrier II (Hollywood)
Peer Educator- Artistic Director

Hello, my name is Derick (A.K.A. Hollywood). I am a senior in the Theater Department (BA). Once I graduate I plan on auditioning for television, film, commercial and Stage Theater. I would like to travel to cities like Chicago, New York, Atlanta and L.A. I didn’t choose to be in Weigel Health Promotions… health promotions chose me and I appreciate it because I am able to use my art form to educate others. About me: I usually name my electronics after Greek, Hindu & Islamic deities. 

James Aboagye (Kofi)
Peer Educator- Health & Wellness Intern

Hello, my name is James Aboagye Willens commonly known and called Kofi! I am African originally from Ghana West Africa. I started Buffalo State College spring 2010, left school spring 2011 for my Army Basic Training and AIT. After, became a chemical specialist in the New York Army National Guard and currently a senior at Buffalo State majored in Health and Wellness with a legal studies minor. I chose Weigal health promotions because I need it as an internship and also wanted to learn more about campus health promotions. I hope to graduate this summer and go to UB for my Masters in Public Health / JD. In the future I plan on switching from the Army to the U.S Air force Reserve. Thank you


If you think you would like to be a Peer Educator please fill out the Weigel Health Promotions Application and someone will get back to you. If you do not hear from someone within a week please contact Paula A. Madrigal or call 716-878-4719.