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What is Women and Gender Studies?

Women and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines the experiences of women, as well as the many ways that gender, sex, and sexuality impact people’s lives. 

Women and Gender Studies examines a number of issues, including

  • How gender currently and historically has affected women and men's life events, social and political power, and experiences in sociocultural institutions
  • The portrayal of women and men in art, literature, and media
  • Sociocultural and biological influences on gender development
  • How gender influences thought and behavior 
  • Girls’ and boys’ identity development & educational experiences
  • How gender intersects with other forms of diversity, such as race, class, and culture
  • The nature of sexuality
  • Feminist theory and scholarship 

Why Should You Get a Minor in Women and Gender Studies?

By earning a minor in Women and Gender Studies, you will develop a well-rounded understanding of gender, sex, and sexuality.  This knowledge can complement your primary field of study as well as help you understand and act in an increasingly diverse world. 

A Women and Gender Studies minor also can help you succeed in a variety of careers in areas such as

  • Business
  • Criminal Justice & Law
  • Education
  • Human Resources
  • Human Services related to Women, Youth, & LGBT individuals
  • Physical & Mental Health Professions
  • Public Policy 
  • Social Justice & Political Activism
  • Social Work
  • The Arts

Women and Gender Studies