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Meet the Faculty and Staff

Program Coordinator:  Jennifer Hunt – Psychology


Michelle Bae – Art Education Department

Maria Brickhouse – Educational Opportunity Program

Claire Collier – Institutional Advancement

Susan Davis – Economics and Finance

Pixita Del Prado Hill - Elementary Education and Reading

Marianne Ferguson – Philosophy and Humanities Department

Lisa Forrest - E.H. Butler Library

Virginia Grabiner – Sociology Department

Kimberly Hart – Anthropology

Sarah Beth Hinderliter - Fine Arts

Meg Knowles – Communication Department

Susan Maguire - Anthropology

Heather Maldonado – University College

Tamara McMillan - Student Life

Staci Newmahr - Sociology

Karen O'Quin – Dean's Office for Natural and Social Sciences

Jill Norvilitis - Psychology

Lorna Perez - English

Jennifer Ryan - English

Barbara Vaughan – E. H. Butler Library

Amitra Wall – Sociology Department

Kimberly Zittel – Social Work

Women and Gender Studies