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Special Topics Courses


Often, there are special topics courses offered that related to women, gender, and/or sexuality.  Students can count this courses toward the Women and Gender Studies minor with approval from the Women and Gender Studies coordinator and curriculum committee.

Special Topics Courses Include
ANT 389: Anthropology of Gender

Dr. Bell, Spring 2011 

Have you ever thought about how much gender affects the way we think and live? What is likely to stay consistent about gender in other cultures, and what is most likely to vary?  Why might such differences and patterns exist?  This course investigates concepts of sex and gender from anthropological perspective.  We will address issues of masculinity and femininity, sexual division of labor, gender roles in ritual and religion, elements of culture and biology in the construction of gender, and women’s rights in a globalized world.  The purpose of this course is to think not only about the importance of gender in our own lives, but also the function of gender in shaping the world around us.  All course readings will be drawn from one main text: Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective, 5th Ed., by C. Brettel and C. Sargent (2009.) 

ENG 322: Representative Writers: Toni Morrison

Dr. Jennifer Ryan, Fall 2010

Indepth examination of the work of Toni Morrison, with an emphasis on the gender, race, and political context of her work.    

ANT 189: Sex, Gender and the Body

Dr. Kimberly Hart, Spring 2010 Semester

This class explores concepts of self via cultural notions of sex, gender, and the body.  We will explore through readings and media, how bodies are shaped through medical and cultural perceptions of sex, how gender is enacted in different parts of the world, and how people manage sexuality.  You will be required to read challenging and interesting texts, write reflective essays, participate in class discussions, and engage in observations in everyday life in this class.

ANT 389: Men and Women in Prehistory  -  Note: This course will be offered in the future as ANT 332

Dr. Susan Maguire, Fall 2009 & 2011 Semesters

Topics include archaeological theory of gender, social construction of gender, human evolution, egalitarian, middle range, and hierarchical societies, division of labor and crafts production, public perceptions of the gendered past, and inspirational women archaeologists.


Women and Gender Studies